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The Gabby Krause Foundation is a network of caring people who want to make a difference in the lives of children. Our goal is to hand deliver 1,200 Bags of Fun a year to children whose health and happiness is threatened and/or compromised. 


After 21 years of hospitals, I thought I had it all down pat. We travel from Montana to Denver for care, and it's a major ordeal. I ask myself, "Do we REALLY need this?' when packing. I know we'll probably move ICU rooms twice, and then we'll move again to the cardiac floor. We might even move rooms at the Ronald McDonald House for this or that reason. We try to travel light. I don't want to make the hospital feel like home. It's not home. I want to get what needs to be done done, and then we'll have all the creature comforts waiting at home. My perspective has been changing though. My daughter had a cardiac arrest a couple months back. Although she's had 5 separate cardiac ICU admissions over the years (along with time in NICUs and PICUs), I'm finally seeing that fun shouldn't wait until we get home. We only have this moment guaranteed. Honestly, I plan to never leave home for a hospital stay without a "Bag of Fun" again. It's such a reminder to stop and make your own joy wherever you are. Hospital stays can be more than conquering a list of goals for discharge. They can be moments of connectedness and even fun. I guess even old moms can learn new tricks! Thank you. 

Grace was really excited to get her bag. It was so BIG and so much more than we had ever imagined. Every item she was thrilled to receive and that blanket is the SOFTEST blanket on the planet. She honestly LOVED everything you chose for her. I think it helped lift her spirits. This type of cancer really is challenging and she's had a rough go with chemo. It is like you knew her personally and knew all her favorite hobbies and crafts.  

Thank you so much! 


The mission of the Gabby Krause Foundation is to deliver a Bag of Fun to every child fighting a long-term or life-threatening condition.

Background Statement

Gabby Krause was an amazing six-year old who died in September 2004 after a courageous 19-month battle with brain cancer.

Gabby loved purple, swimming, and coke-flavored slurpees. She sang, danced and laughed her way through chemo-therapy. She found the silly in everything! It is in her memory that the Gabby Krause Foundation was started, and in her spirit that the Bags of Fun program began. Gabby had the original Bag of Fun filled with toys and fun activities when she was battling her brain cancer. Her bag helped keep her busy and happy during long hospital visits. To the delight of other patients, she always shared her games and toys.

It was Gabby's wish that every child at the hospital could have their very own Bag of Fun.

The Gabby Krause Foundation was started because of this special wish, and Bags of Fun was created in the spirit of Gabby's original bag of toys and fun activities that kept her going throughout chemotherapy.

The Gabby Krause Foundation's goal is to continue Gabby's legacy of smiles and zest for life by delivering Bags of Fun to pediatric patients undergoing cancer treatment, kidney dialysis and heart, liver and kidney transplants throughout Colorado as well as nationally through our ever-expanding network of affiliates, and upon special request.

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