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No one should have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

Our Vision is to ensure food security for all Golden area students and families. BGOLDN partners with local schools and the community of Golden, Colorado to meet the immediate nutritional needs of children and provide low-income families with a stable source of fresh food.

BGOLDN’s services focus on ensuring equitable access to nutritious food for those struggling with food insecurity. By providing a source of food, we’re playing a role in helping families through difficult times to improve their quality of life and reduce the burden of affording food.

-Our Fresh Food Pantry provides a stable source of nutritious, fresh, culturally relevant foods to approximately 360 families on a monthly basis. Food support through our Pantry helps families alleviate the costs of things like childcare, healthcare, rent and transportation expenses.

- Our Nourishing Success School Programs provide immediate nutritional needs to students during their school day, which includes a snack program that fuels a child’s ability to learn and focus. We support schools where up to 70% of their students face challenges with food insecurity. 

- Our Unique Programs respond to needs such as accessibility barriers. Programs include partnerships and our grocery delivery service. Our partnership programs improve access to fresh, healthy and culturally appropriate food. For example, our Farmers Market program offers families an opportunity to shop at Golden's Farmers Market for local meats, produce and dairy. Another program, in collaboration with local nonprofit GoFarm, brings a Farmers Market on wheels to underserved neighborhoods. Our grocery delivery service offers a weekly source of Fresh Food Pantry provisions to those who need our services but are experiencing accessibility challenges.

Your Testimonials

"Food is like gas, you need it to fuel you. It feeds you so that you can keep going. As students, without food we get tired and cannot concentrate as well. These programs are extremely helpful!"
- Student

"I cannot change the harsh economic reality that many people will face. But I can do my part to help people eat and help people stay employed. That is what BGOLDN is about and that is why I am donating one of my biweekly pay checks per month."
- Supporter

"We really appreciate what you guys are doing to keep our community fed during this crisis. Not only does it mean a lot to us as a business, it means that people who are in a tough spot right now don't have to worry about food."
- Bonfire Burritos Team

"Thank you so much for doing this! I lost my job due to COVID and since I have no money to spare, eating out is not an option. I have gone to pick up lunch for me and my sons twice now and it is so much fun."
- Janice

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Our mission is to increase food security in the Golden community through innovative partnerships and programs. We operate thanks to the support of our partnerships and volunteers. Now, more than ever, we must continue to educate, support and overcome challenges together.

Background Statement

BGOLDN launched in March 2020 as an evolution of The Golden Backpack Program and a response to the rising food insecurity in Golden, Colorado, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Golden Backpack Program (GBP) was founded by local chef and active Rotarian Peggy Halderman in 2008. The goal of The Golden Backpack Program was to ensure school-aged children in Golden could access healthy food seven days a week.

In 2016, the GBP opened its Fresh Food Pantry to the community and expanded to serve a broader range of food insecure neighbors.

Today, BGOLDN provides over 360 households with a stable source of affordable, fresh food each month through our Fresh Food Pantry and grocery delivery service. We've increased our student programs, partnering with 6 schools and distributing over 20,000 snacks during the 2022/2023 school year. Lastly, we execute partnership programs that help address unique issues such as accessibility barriers.

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BGOLDN 1301 Arapahoe St #105
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