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“A Precious Child is a safe rock for us when we don’t have any idea on our next step forward. It has benefited us to an extent that couldn’t be imagined.” — 
A Client of A Precious Child

 “It means a better future to be connected with A Precious Child.” — A Client of A Precious Child

“I am so grateful for A Precious Child. They are always helping and are there for me and my family at our darkest times.” — A Client of A Precious Child

 “A Precious Child means hope for tomorrow.” — A Client of A Precious Child

“These gifts were an unexpected blessing in disguise! We’re now able to budget the money to use it for Christmas dinner. Thank you!” —Quote from a Precious Gift Recipient 

“Being a martial arts skilled person makes me concentrate on my education, on my health, it builds my self-confidence, self-esteem and self-defense. As they teach self-respect in their course it plays a vital role in creating a respectful and disciplined community!” —Brody, giveSPORTS Recipient

“Thank you for giving me an accordion.  I really like it and I’ve always wanted one! I have faith that I will be able to play it in front of my church.” —Erick, giveARTS Recipient

“I cannot imagine buying the necessary supplies that are required these days for children in school. This really helped bridge the money that I could put towards the family for food and clothes, rather than buying school supplies—it helped immensely.” —Quote from a Fill A Backpack Client

“A Precious Child is a guardian angel for me and my family. When we don't have enough money to buy clothes for my children; I feel very shameful and sad. Now, we feel secure and happy thanks to A Precious Child.” — A Client of A Precious Child

“There’s lots of things we can discover with science…maybe I could be an engineer that makes something helpful for the world, like robots helping old people, because old people need assistance…” —Kevin, Inspiring Minds Center Participant

“This computer will help me study outside of schools, doing all my assignments when absent and with homework.  I am learning logarithmic math classes and the calculator helps to me a lot.  Thanks I appreciate that!”   —Hibrat, Edussentials Recipient

“Everything is nice and clean and makes me feel like I just purchased something new.” —A Client of A Precious Child about the Resource Center

Meet Marie

The first time Marie was given a referral to come to A Precious Child, she was probably at the lowest point of her life.  "I wasn't getting a lot of help from child support from the kids' dad so it was starting to get a little bit harder."  A single mother of three amazing kids, Marie never wanted for anyone to think that she couldn't provide for her children. "It's one of those things where people make you feel like you're not doing what you can or why did you have those children if you can't provide for them, but trust me, I am very hard working and it took a lot to ask for the help I needed."
Following a stage 3B cancer diagnosis around Christmas time of 2017, Marie had to stop working and figure out how to fight every day to make sure she could be there for her kids.

"It's really hard...as a mom because they probably think you're the strongest person they know and then they see that you're sick and then you look small to them.  The first time Ruby [daughter] saw me without my hair, she kinda gasped and got scared and kinda cried." After catching wind of Marie's circumstances, A Precious Child decided to go the extra step and help Marie find the perfect wig.

"Without A Precious Child, I can honestly tell you, it would have been very hard...when you see me going through what I'm going through, please let my smile empower you—that moment in time you were able to sit in front of me and see me smile and have that little bit of self-confidence back."



A Precious Child provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential.

Background Statement

A Precious Child envisions a future where every child grows up to be a secure, self-reliant, contributing member of their community. Founded by Carina Martin in 2008 out of her garage, serving 84 families in its initial year, A Precious Child has since grown into a 26,000 square foot space serving over 57,000 children and 20,000 adults across the Denver Metro area in 2021 alone! Our facility provides a safe, clean space where parents and caregivers receive case-management services and can shop for food, clothing, diapers, home goods and other basic essentials for members of their families free of charge. Our 54 Satellite Resource Centers strategically placed throughout the eight counties we serve, are also fully stocked with goods, allowing access to families who cannot travel to our flagship facility. We serve children challenged by poverty, abuse, neglect or crisis situations across 8 Denver Metro counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson and Weld and provide basic essentials such as food, clothes, toiletries, school supplies, educational opportunities and access to extracurricular activities.

At A Precious Child, collaborative action is one primary factor that contributes to our successful impact and our ability to help thousands of vulnerable children and families. We rely on the generosity of our community to support our programs by donating their funds, time and in-kind goods which is also why A Precious Child has the ability to be at the frontlines of crisis and natural disasters. In the wake of COVID-19 and the recent Marshall fires, our organization was able to quickly pivot our operations and turn the facility into a resource hub. Working with 546 Agency Partners is to identify and refer children and families with the greatest need to us, our Agency Partners include: schools, health and human services, churches, hospitals, safe houses, fire and police departments, at-risk youth centers, homeless shelters, mental health and foster care organizations. Thanks to our community, A Precious Child is able to create opportunities for children and families in need to be less stressed, more confident and better equipped to become and raise healthy, happy children.

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