Angelica Village

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Angelica Village creates community living spaces that support each person's humanity, bringing hope and healing to the world. We welcome community members who have experienced war, violence, and homelessness. We encourage all to "give what you can, receive what you need" - join us!


"Coming to a strange country in which I've experienced the horrors of being an immigrant, Angelica Village has provided me with guidance, support, love and peace. I have been blessed with incredible people, whom I can call my family and who care for me deeply, without expecting anything in return. I am eternally grateful for everything that Renata, Amy and everyone else in the community have done for my sister and me."

"Angelica Village! Did you know that you make this world a better place for people to live while navigating lives in the US? Yes!! Ask other youths in the house. YEP! You gave me the courage to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Social Work, and now it is only months to my graduation. As I said, no words can express how I feel about you. I am beyond lucky to have you in my life. With all the experiences and knowledge you have planted in me, I hope I will be able to return the favor to the community."

"I feel grateful for the community of Angelica Village. I feel Supported, and I feel safe, and feel at home. Seriously you guys are doing amazing and changing lives by helping each other and I am glad I have you."


Angelica Village, through love, care, and sustained mutual support, nurtures conscious community living spaces that promote health and resilience.

Community Members include youth and families seeking refuge from war and violence, including refugees and immigrants, individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and fellow community partners who come together to receive the support they need (personal, financial, vocational/ educational, enrichment, health) and give back what they can.

Background Statement

Angelica Village was founded in 2016 by a group of individuals and families interested in building community living spaces centered around hope, healing, and each person's humanity. The community started with two households, one in Lakewood and one in Denver. Two community members became licensed foster parents and welcomed our first unaccompanied refugee minors to the community. Individuals and families found their way to Angelica Village through partner organizations like Lutheran Family Services, Jefferson County Schools, and the Jefferson County Action Center. From the start, Angelica Village's motto of "Give what you can, receive what you need" has encouraged members of the community to embrace their unique gifts and ask for help as needed. Angelica Village supports individuals and families with rent assistance, immigration and legal aid, physical and mental health care access, educational support and tutoring, grocery assistance and community meals, individual case management, childcare, and more.

By 2019, the community had grown to eight households and 38 individuals, ages 1 to 71 and coming from over ten countries. The COVID-19 pandemic brought huge disruptions to work, school, and family situations, and led to the community growing to fifty individuals. In May 2020 the long-awaited Young Adult Independent Living Home opened, providing new housing and programming for former Angelica Village foster youth and other young adults in search of community. Other newer programs include a financial health and debt reduction program, and a sustainability and garden program. As of 2021, Angelica Village's fifty individuals come from five continents (North and Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa), speak over a dozen languages, practice many religions and spiritualities, and each bring their own blessings, hopes, and dreams for the future.

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