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Empowering Communities Globally works to reduce the impact of poverty increasing quality of life for children, families and communities through: Education programs/projects, Preventative health care and improved nutrition resources, Community development and support.


"Staying in Jalapa and working with AACC and APIEAT was an incredible experience. Everyone we met was exceptionally friendly and hospitable, and I felt welcomed wherever we went. Witnessing the adversity that plagues the surrounding communities became difficult at times, but there was plenty in which to find hope.

Through the unbounded joy of the school children during games and story hours, the eagerness of Empowering Community Globally's scholarship high school students to continue their education and reinvest in their communities, and the dedication APIEAT members showed in educating the community through their home visits, I felt we were truly seeing a community in transition. It gave me hope that change is possible for the world's oft-neglected people, and helped me recognize the role I can take in creating that change."

Samuel Calahan (CU student)


Reducing the impact of poverty in the world's marginalized and under-served populations by empowering communities through compassionate and holistic education.

Background Statement

There can be little doubt that educating people in how to deal with their problems in education, health, and early childhood is the most practical and cost-effective means of improving a nation's quality of education and health. The need to provide this education throughout a society despite the constraints of illiteracy and scarcity of resources compels us to consider a variety alternative means. The use of non-formal and formal education methods of teaching, including such methods as home visits; story hours using songs, storytelling, and drama; community workshops; and using already established schools as community centers thus becomes paramount in achieving the degree of accelerated change required for the nation's successful pursuit of community development.

Since 1997, AACC, recently expanded and is doing business as Empowering Communities Globally, has used the Empowering Communities 5-step model, community | education | participation | empowerment | transformation. The model uses early childhood education and the development of the child as a framework for the development of the family and the community. Our 5-step model integrates education in every facet and person of the local community. The over all design can be replicated, the details of the project will vary from community to community depending on the specific needs and situations that arise from the initial local needs assessment completed by those living in the community. The workshops and home visit components not only share vital information for daily life they also stimulate discussion around various behaviors and how to become a leader and role model. The program aims at empowering young children, youth, parents, and other community leaders with knowledge, skills and values that will enable them to make informed responsible and realistic choices about their education, health and behavior and deal more effectively with the diverse educational and health problems and social issues that continuously face them.

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Empowering Communities Globally

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ECG, Americas Association for the Care of Children

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