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American Military Family provides Veterans & First Responders & Their Families with assistance to locate their missing &/or suicidal, displaced, or struggling hero, & providing them with urgently needed services, whether it be emotional, physical, mental or financial.


I wanted to tell Debbie, Joey & all at American Military Family how grateful I am for what you each did for my son! I made a call pleading for help when I had nowhere else to go and at the worst time in my veteran son's lives, you each immediately stepped in without a moments hesitation to help him with groceries, places to stay, storage units & even moving his personal items while he was receiving HBOT therapy at Rocky Mountain HBOT which we would have never known about if it wasn't for all of your guidance! The difference HBOT made in his TBI was tremendous & I believe you saved not only his life but our relationship. Today I am proud to say Thanks to each of your guidance & assistancy son has a beautiful rental home in PR he was able to obtain thru his hard work in a new job and enjoying his son, friends & family again! We spent the holidays together with him & his son for the first time in over 5 years as a family! From the bottom of my heart Thank you & for any Veteran or family of needing assistance, you can trust & count on American Military Family to have your 6!!! God Bless!!!!❤Andrea Ulm

"No such thing as coincidence! We were given pages of potential resources when we were in dire straits. AMF came up in conversation multiple times with our IAVA case manager so I reached out. Finding Debbie and AMF was nothing short of a miracle! She is a great listener, advocate and like the soldiers say she's got our 6 Truly no words to describe how much we appreciate Debbie and the entire AMF team for all that you do! We got your 6 too! "-----Tracey & Matt.

"Everyone at AMF is wonderful! When my son needed help, they got him a therapist he could relate to. I believe they helped save his life. Thank you AMF. Thank God you were there to help."

"AMF is genuinely committed in helping our military veterans in ANY way they possibly can! Debbie and her AMF crew of volunteers are some of the most passionate and sincere people I've ever met. They network with many other groups so if they can't help you they will try to direct you to someone else who can."

They were there to help my son in a time of need. They are wonderful!"

"There's the rest and then there's the best. Thanks AMF and Debbie for everything. Deb and her team have been a fantastic help. I am homeless and they are helping me get a place to stay and a little extra money to eat off. They have been amazing. They are also going to set me up with counseling; which I really need as well. Thank you so much AMF.

"Debbie moved Heaven and Earth to a terminally ill vet who was too sick and vulnerable to deal with dishonest local business. Without Debbie's help, this vet would still be without transportation to his chemo sessions. Her heart and actions reflect her passion for helping those in need and I am honored to have had a chance to get to know her. I am very careful about what agencies I support but I can say without reservation that American Military Family will now be on my donation list!! "


American Military Family's mission is to stop veteran suicide through intrusive intervention from trained peers during times of crisis, as well as deepening prevention by providing wrap-around services that combat the seven key suicide triggers.Our Mission: Stop Veteran Suicide

Our Goal: Taking Our Combat Veterans from "Suicidal to Successful"

Our Purpose:

To inspire, empower and improve the quality of life for our combat veterans.

Background Statement

Deb Quackenbush McElhinney is the Founder/CEO of American Military Family. Her heart and passion for our military and their families stems from 1968 when her brother and his friends were deployed to the war zone of Vietnam. The 60's were turbulent times and the anger and hatred directed to those who were serving was unfathomable. In January 2005 she started American Military Family with the sole intent of educating the population about the importance of SHOWING their unconditional support for America's troops and their families. The first two (2) years of the charity were spent working with the Colorado State Legislature in direct support of Senate Bill 080 to convince them of the need for a "Colorado Supports the Troops" license plate. We testified before every committee in the Colorado House of Representatives and the Colorado State Senate about the importance of this plate. 93% of every dollar raised in this program is returned directly to our veterans, troops and their families. The middle of this plate has a yellow "THANK YOU" ribbon which SHOWS our support for those who serve and sacrifice for our country and our freedom!

In 2006, Debbie was invited to a personal meeting with President George W. Bush and was recognized and honored for her service working in support of our military and their families. Later that year, she was invited to meet with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and the other team members of the America Supports You campaign. Since 2005, American Military Family has received over 25 certificates and plaques of recognition and appreciation for services rendered in support of our veterans, troops and their families.

Since January 2005, American Military Family has provided a multitude of services for our veterans, troops and their families through a host of programs. We have returned over $500,000.00 in emergency financial and mental health therapy assistance. We have provided for the entertainment of over 2,500 troops and their families, including live family reunions from Iraq and Afghanistan, and facilitated a recreational center in Iraq for the 4th Infantry Division which included computers, videos and games, pool table, dart boards, furniture and DVD players. Additionally, we have provided over $35,000 in gift cards to our veterans and their families who were struggling with financial issues and provided over 15,000 toys for the familes at Fort Carson during the holiday season.

We have presented five (5) veterans and their families with a complete home makeover and modifications to provide handicap accessibility for these veterans and spent five (5) years working in direct support of our Gold Star (Fallen Heroes) mothers. In 2009, members of the American Military Family team walked 1,080 miles, from Ft. Carson, Colorado to the Middle East Conflicts Memorial Wall in Marseilles, Illinois, to raise awareness and provide closure for the families of our fallen warriors in the Global War on Terror in the Iraq, Afghanistan and other battlefields. We spent four (4) consecutive years working in direct support of the Fort Carson Wounded Warrior Transition Battalion (WTU), where we experienced the bitter agony of seven (7) suicides by combat veterans in six (6) months. We have hosted over 30 military memorial services to honor our fallen heroes.

Today our mission at American Military Family is to STOP VETERAN SUICIDE through a comprehensive program entitled, American Military Family Got Your Six (GY6). In the military, "Got Your Six" means "I've got your back." This program addresses the seven (7) critical reintegration issues facing our Iraq/Afghanistan veterans:

• Financial Stressors

• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

• Receipt of Earned Veterans Benefits

• Job Reintegration

• Legal Issues

• Societal/Personal Relationship Dissonance


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