American Academy of the Martial Arts

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Provide a service to our community at a very reasonable cost. We teach and promote the art out of love for the art and not for profit. We donate back to the community through our time commitment. and service.


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Joy Macleod recommends American Academy of Martial Arts Alpha Omega Martial Arts.
November 17, 2019 ·
Tom Feeney recommends American Academy of Martial Arts Alpha Omega Martial Arts.
Great people , great fun , a great place to train and learn self defense.
Ryan McClintock recommends American Academy of Martial Arts Alpha Omega Martial Arts.


Mission Statement

Best Of The Best

We are students of and for life. We have principles. We seek wisdom, brother/sisterhood and mentorship. We are a family in and away from home. We challenge ourselves to be less of a bystander and to confront difficult issues head-on. Our organization inspires us to be true to ourselves and to be confident as a man or woman of principle, regardless of personal successes or failures. We are motivated and take pride in working hard and leading our community. We build on the strength of shared ideals, common values and friendship. We believe in the power of the mind, cultivating our own intellect and the minds of others. We respect and cultivate leadership - lead when called upon to do so and help to prepare the leaders who follow after us. We will lend our talents and abilities to the service of our communities. We recognize and respect the worth of each and every person, refuse to take part in activities that undermine the dignity of others or us. We choose to act responsibly, weighing the consequences of our actions on all those around us. We speak honestly and listen actively. We set high standards and have the capacity for the tough discipline, the ability to reach honorable compromises, the willingness to accept and wield authority and the stamina of conviction to stay the course to successful resolution. We build bridges, not walls. We strive to be the best of the best.


Background Statement

American Academy of the Martial Arts / Alpha Omega Martial Arts is the system / organization I established in 1982 when I saw many organizations fold as quickly as they started. I wanted to establish a standalone organization that had no political ties to other institutions, and one that would operate under a high set of standards established and based on solid religious foundations, ideals, morals and concepts.

We encompasses Omega Martial Arts, Alpha Ωmega Martial Arts, as well as our Tai Chi program.

We stress the academic aspect of the Martial Arts, as well as the physical, for knowledge is power.


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American Academy of the Martial Arts

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Alpha Omega Martial Arts

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Small Organization


46186 Bristlecone Court
Parker, CO 80138

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Douglas County, CO, US



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