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Alianza NORCO is an immigrant-led and immigrant-serving community organization that is rooted in the values of compassion, dignity, empowerment, and social justice. We provide holistic immigration-related services through three related programs: Immigration Legal Services, Health Support, and Bilingual Resource Navigation. These programs lead us to organize and advocate for immigrant-related issues at the local, state, and national level. In 2024 we plan to expand our legal and health programming, and advocate for increased integration services and health insurance for immigrant families. With your support and generosity, we can continue to provide programming that has generational impact on local families.   

Your donation makes a difference!

$25 helps a family obtain health insurance benefits through our bilingual navigation team

$50 helps a domestic violence victim have the peer support they need to improve their situation

$75 helps a new mom receive support through the challenges of breastfeeding their new baby

$100 helps a head of household obtain their driver's license to increase road safety and avoid detention

$150 covers an application for a work authorization

$200 helps a DACA recipient renew their work permit

$250 helps a refugee or an asylum seeker file their paperwork and begin a new life

$350 helps a resident achieve the dream of US citizenship

$500 helps a victim of abuse obtain protection and legal status, a level of safety and belonging


"What an honor and privilege it has been to be able to work with Alianza NORCO, who genuinely care about their impact on others’ lives." ~ Jose, US Citizenship

"The lawyer I went to before this only cared about the money, but here they cared about my issues and I really felt like everyone wanted to help.” ~ Jesús, US Citizenship

"From the first moments, Alianza NORCO gave me unwavering support." ~ Emerita, Work Authorization

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Our mission is to strengthen and empower our immigrant community and their families through key services, civic education, leadership development and community organization.

Background Statement

Since 2017, Alianza NORCO(AN) has been providing key services and support to local immigrant families, while also advocating to remove systemic barriers. AN was created by Salvadorean and Mexican women who saw the need for immigration-related services and the generational impact that such services could have in our community. AN is the first organization in Fort Collins to be founded and led by a Latina immigrant. Thanks to the diversity of its staff, its tireless advocacy, and its empowering services, AN is a valuable and trusted organization among our international immigrant population.

A word from our ED as we near the end of 2023:

34 years ago, I was in my childhood bedroom with my cousins and my sister, all piled into our pushed together twin beds. We were having a war-sleepover. My cousins had been evacuated from their neighborhood. We could hear the bombs dropping overhead but we didn't know where they were going to land, maybe the next one would take us to heaven. It was a long night, and in the morning we saw the devastation and felt our hearts break for our country. Soon after, my parents were able to send my sister and I to the US, to safety.

Leaving our loved ones and our lives in El Salvador, even war-torn lives, was the hardest thing we had ever had to do. Yet I carried the dreams of my ancestors in my heart. Today I am living that dream in a life full of purpose, meaning, and people I love. Our work at Alianza NORCO reflects that love out into our community.

Yet in another part of the world, an 11-year old child had to have a war-sleepover, perhaps with nowhere to lay their head and without their family. They had to hold overwhelming pain and hope, confusion and love, fear and strength - the very complexity of the world - all in their little hands. If they survive, they will carry that for the rest of their life. A resilient tapestry of pain and hope that will sustain them and others. We at Alianza NORCO feel the struggle that so many are going through - near and far. Life is sacred and fleeting. As we work alongside immigrants, we continue to spread our dream for a better tomorrow, beyond borders.

In solidarity,

Patricia Miller, Founder and Executive Director

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