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Food is an agent for change-The Unique Challenge for women in West Africa is access to land. By increasing land ownership among women, they can generate income, achieve economic autonomy, move toward gender equity. This is a shift from traditional land ownership toward a legacy of a new generation.


My name is Awa Doumbia. I am in grade 12. I heard about AGILE International in Sanankoroba and decided to join the organization.
I am working for AGILE International to help women solve the water problem, get access to health care, grow vegetables and fight unemployment. Agile International is improving lives in Mali every day.

AGILE International serves as a communication tool for the women in Sanankoroba. They get together more and discuss problems facing the community. AGILE has strengthened the relationship among the people in the community...leading to a strong and informed community

For the past celebration of Ramadan, the women did not know where to get the money to celebrate Ramadan. They decided to put in extra hours at AGILE International to raise money for their celebration".

-Haman Coulibaly


AGILE International's mission is to empower rural women in Mali and West Africa so they can restore food security and the cultural wisdom that underlies traditional sustainable agriculture.

Background Statement

Our Founder, Fatou Doumbia, born and raised in Mali, emigrated to the USA in the early 1990s. When Fatou returned to her home 17 years later, she found a different Mali. Food was more scarce, and people were living off a single meal, rather than three meals a day. Times were more desperate. They lacked food, water, adequate health care and complete education for their children. Kids were dropping out of school, girls were being pushed out of school and forced into early marriages or forced to work to earn money to complement family income. Often, girls became prostitutes and the cycle of poverty continued.

These conditions still prevail today. That's why AGILE International was founded.

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