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Have you ever had to search for help for an aging parent or grandparent? Or a friend you are close to? Are you an older Coloradan who needed to learn about a particular issue or find help for yourself? We rarely plan for these events, and when they come, where do we go? Where do you start? How to you find all that you need? Come to and save yourself a lot of time and, probably, money. 

Google” and Cross Your Fingers, or go to “AgeWise Colorado” and KNOW you can trust the resources.


"I can't tell you how much I struggled to help my Dad who lives in Denver, and I'm a hundred miles away.  You made it easy to find what I needed ...just wish you'd been available five years ago when Mom needed help as well.  Just glad you're here now AgeWise." (Tyler C)

"AgeWise Colorado is just what we all needed.  Thank you for all you are doing for families here in Colorado!" (Marcy S)

"This site is incredible!  I can't believe all that is available, and I am learning so much...thank you all.  (Henry K)

“Bless you and what you are doing at AgeWise Colorado.  It is so helpful … I wouldn’t have known where to go for the help I needed without you.  I think you may have saved my life by helping me.” (Dorothy M.)

"I thought I had all the resources and information I needed having worked with older adults for years.  Now, because of AgeWise CO I'm learning so much more and able to provide better information to my clients."  (Katy T)

“I wish I had known about AgeWise Colorado much sooner—it would have saved me and my dad and HUGE amount of time in finding the help we needed for Mom. Instead, it took nearly 9 months to find the help we needed when we could have found it in an hour on AgeWise.” Gloria M. 

"I am very happy I found Age Wise Colorado. You do excellent work. It is so important to help Elders find resources in the complicated environment we live in now." Sincerely, Teresa J.

"AgeWise is such a great idea and really needed." Heard from nearly 100 people—so far.

“AgeWise Colorado made my research for my mom as easy and comfortable as a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee.” (Carolyn B)

“The AgeWise educational webinars helped us make better choices for our dad.”  (Jacob H) 

“AgeWise served as the warm, helping hands that provided my family with peace of mind.” (Andrea S)

Also attesting to our value to Colorado's nearly 3 million people who are older adults, current and future caregivers--all looking for reliable information and vetted service providers WHEN the NEED them: the Next Fifty Foundation provided invaluable startup funding. 


AgeWise Colorado’s mission is to connect essential and effective services, information, and education to both older adults and their adult children/caring friends with vetted/trusted resources and reliable information/education they need to age well and wisely in Colorado.

AgeWise Colorado (AWC) saves time, stress, and money for any of the nearly 3 million Coloradans aged roughly 40 and older. We provide safe and effective online connections to the tools that people need when they need them. (for example, few in number are the adult children who PLAN for their potential role as a caregiver of an older family. Here when you need us.

Background Statement

Why Give to AgeWise Colorado?

AgeWise Colorado launched its website and began providing statewide educational resources and vetted service provider listings in July 2021. Our core information and referral programming has been operating for over 2 years.

In that short time, we have made tremendous progress in developing our website content, service provider directory, educational webinars, community partnerships, outreach channels, and organizational capacity as an essential free resource for Colorado's aging population and their adult children who are, or may well become, caregivers of older family members.

We now assist thousands of older adults and caregivers each month with the information and reliable service provider connections to age well. But we know there are many more people we have yet to reach, especially in rural and underserved areas and more localized service providers to add.

While still a young organization, our initial traction and growth in delivering value to older Coloradans and their adult children has exceeded expectations. We are eager to leverage our statewide platform to drive deeper impact in alignment with this funder's strategic priorities through this time-sensitive funding opportunity.

If you, the reader, feel this is a valuable service, please support us with your contribution.

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