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Aftersight ... Previously known as Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC)

In Colorado, over 100,000 individuals are legally blind. Established in 1991, Aftersight is a dedicated nonprofit that serves as an audio bridge over the information gap for Coloradans who are blind, have low vision, or have barriers to print. Our offerings include:

  • Broadcasting of audio newspapers, magazines, and more in both English and Spanish. 
  • Tailored podcasts addressing diverse interests of the community members who are blind. 
  • Support groups fostering a sense of belonging and community.
  • Empowering events designed to enhance skills and challenge misconceptions.
  • A free white cane program, enhancing mobility and independence.

OUR MISSION is to provide news, information, and resources in audio format for people who are blind, have low vision, or benefit from alternatives to print.

Our purpose is to offer connection. We connect people with voices that understand and heal, with tools that offer self sufficiency, with news that informs and educates, with events that empower, and with stories that entertain.

"It has been said that 'Knowledge is Power' and I believe I have both because of AINC's valuable service to those of us who cannot read print materials due to blindness or a physical disability." - Alice G, a listener of Aftersight

Our impact: By the Numbers

  • 90% of listeners confirm Aftersight promotes independence and community connection.
  • We deliver 125 hours of content weekly.
  • Volunteers contribute over 10K hours of service per year. 

  • We track roughly 400K downloads per year on our audio editions and podcasts.

We're proudly a member of the Colorado Press Association, AgeWise Colorado, and the International Association of Audio Information Services, among other partners. Based in Boulder, Colorado, we've been bringing print to life through audio broadcasting for over three decades.

Join the Aftersight family today.

Aftersight is on a mission to expand our reach and ensure that no Coloradan who is blind or has low vision is left behind. At the heart of our mission are our strategic imperatives: supporting informed independence by delivering high-quality content that empowers individuals with the knowledge they need, building inclusive communities where our broadcasts, podcasts, and support groups foster a profound sense of belonging and understanding, and always being future ready with our forward-thinking approach. This drive for innovation ensures Aftersight remains not only relevant but essential, particularly as we endeavor to expand our programming, especially in Spanish.

Every moment counts, and every donation moves us closer to our goal. By contributing today, you're not just donating – you're making an immediate impact, enabling us to kickstart our 2024 initiatives. 

Be a beacon of hope and accessibility. Your support today is more crucial than ever.

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To provide news and information in audio format for Coloradans who are blind, have low vision, or have barriers to print. Audio services empower individuals to be self-sufficient, connected to community, and continuously learning.

Background Statement

Over 30 Years of Empowering Blind and Low Vision Communities.

Founded by David Dawson in 1990, Aftersight has become an instrumental beacon for the Coloradans who are blind, have low vision, or have barriers to print. Recognizing a significant void in Colorado's accessibility to reading services, Aftersight was initiated, offering essential audio programs to those without any alternative means of accessing printed materials.

Housed now in Boulder, CO, and with over three decades in service, Aftersight continues its mission.

We're excited for the future, and with your generous support, we can ensure that we can bring Print to Life for every Coloradan.

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