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When you donate to Ability Connection Colorado, your gift ensures we can continue to support thousands of Coloradans through inclusive EARLY EDUCATION, pathways to EMPLOYMENT, and FAMILY SUPPORT programs, allowing individuals with disabilities and other life challenges to thrive.


Creative Options Early Childhood Education Testimonial:
"When I first came to Creative Options, it was a crazy time in my life. During the process of enrollment, I realized we were homeless. At that time, sleeping in a domestic violence shelter, and then living in a basement of a friend's house was not considered homeless to me. During this time, my life was in crisis mode. I was stepping away from an abusive relationship with my ex-husband and I wanted to make sure I had a school where I knew my son would be safe while I could make life changes. At Creative Options, I was introduced to a Family Coach and teachers who helped me get in contact with public assistance and many more important resources. I was shocked to receive so many different resources and help. I felt comfort in my heart knowing my son was getting the positive schooling he needed. Today, I'm newly married and my son still attends Creative Options. He's moving to Kindergarten soon and my emotions have the best of me but I knew I have changed for the better for my son. The support I have from this school is a true blessing!" - Parent at Creative Options

Parent to Parent Testimonial (P2P) Testimonial:
"P2P provides help from the community, so we know we're not alone. Even when I'm not an active participant (responding / posting), and even when the issues of others don't mirror our own, I still know I am not alone. That is truly priceless, and occasionally, life and sanity-saving. There are others who are fighting, who are figuring out, who are trying, who are mourning, who are celebrating. That's a language unique to us Special Parents, and it's one I now speak pretty fluently. Thank you again for all you do and your kind help." - Parent Member of P2P

Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program Testimonial:
"My child would have faced severe deformity or a very early and painful death if not for the work of ISOP. Dr. Min Mehta's method of early treatment for Infantile Scoliosis is directly responsible for saving my son. All children diagnosed with this condition should get this life-saving treatment. This is literally a cure for the most difficult orthopedic condition to treat in very young children." - ISOP Parent

Guardianship Alliance of Colorado Testimonial:
"The unique services provided by Guardianship Alliance of Colorado represent a valuable and irreplaceable resource to Colorado's citizens and to the Courts." -The Honorable C. Jean Stewart (retired), Presiding Judge, Denver Probate Court (1995-2011)

EMPOWER (Education, Movement, Parents Offering Wisdom, Encouragement, Resources) Testimonial:
"EMPOWER staff suggested that I send an email to the school about our child's IEP. The information given to me to write the letter and meet with the special education director was so helpful. It can be such an overwhelming situation to be in, especially when one doesn't know their rights. With two special needs kids, I'm learning as I go but thankful for people like the individuals at EMPOWER who have offered their wisdom and insight along the way." - Parent of an elementary student

Faith in Action Testimonial:
"I've been unable to drive since I was hit by a car on my bicycle, and I have about a dozen medical appointments each week for my recovery. Your Faith in Action service has been a Godsend since it is impossible for my wife to juggle all of the driving to appointments while taking care of our five-year-old son and the other logistics of my care. I am lucky to be alive, but I am also lucky to live in a community where people like you give so much. Thank you! You're making a huge difference for my family." - Faith in Action, Care Recipient

Employment Works Testimonial:
"RAMP (Ready to Achieve Mentor Program) has given me that holiday feeling. When I was five years old, I had excitement for the holidays, but as I got older I lost that excitement. The first time I went to RAMP, RAMP gave me back that excitement again." - Student at RAMP


Supporting Coloradoans with Comprehensive outcome based Early Education and School Readiness. Mentoring and preparing youth and adults to develop Employment Ready skills. Empowering Parents with coaching, lifesaving resources and peer support for critical, special needs and other challenges.

Background Statement

In 1946, nine Mothers met in a waiting room at Children's Hospital. These Mothers found themselves faced with the difficult decision of how to care for their children with Cerebral Palsy. At that time, institutions were the only available option, and both opportunities for public education and the chance to lead a productive and functional life was non-existent for children with disabilities.

These brave Founding Mothers planted the seeds for inclusive educational environments, employment opportunities for the most underemployed population and provision of critical family support services. At Ability Connection Colorado, we strive every day to continue this important legacy.

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