Adams 12 Five Star Education Foundation

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As the nonprofit partner to the Adams 12 Five Star Schools, the Five Star Education Foundation contributes to the improvement of the overall quality of life in our community through investments in educational services and programs to assist students in achieving their full potential.  Simply put, we remove barriers so ALL children can succeed.  

Through our programs, students are:

      • given food, clothing, and hygiene items when needed so they can be learning-ready
      • provided innovation in the classroom through YES Fund teacher grants
      • having obstacles to success removed when they see people like them represented in books and career fields
      • provided tools to explore potential careers so they can be the next employees and leaders
      • supported in all 7 career pathways throughout the district

By supporting the Five Star Education Foundation, you're not just investing in individuals; you're investing in stronger, more vibrant neighborhoods and societies.  You're giving students a bright future!  You're giving yourself a brighter future!

Students and their families in need are helped 

with Resource Closets in 75% of the schools

Resource Closets provide emergency support for students and families in need.  By providing short-term assistance with food, clothing, and hygiene items, and the ability to plug families into more long-term solutions, we are removing barriers and enabling students to be ready to learn when they walk into the classroom.

Investing in career exploration and training programs is essential for students to acquire practical skills and hands-on experience. 

By supporting the district's CTE initiatives, we are able to ensure that students have the necessary tools and resources to become the employees of tomorrow.  Students are able to gain experience in their field of study and earn certifications so that they are ready to enter the workforce upon graduation.  By equipping the students with the skills to succeed, we remove barriers to employment.  The foundation is committed to funding 5 tiny homes in 5 years.  The first house was completed in 2022.  Students began work on their third house this year.  These houses are going back into the community to help our unhoused youth population.

Together, we can empower students to overcome any obstacle and achieve success throughout their entire school journey. Join us in our initiatives that remove barriers and pave the way for brighter futures.

This year alone, 55 teachers received grants through our YES fund,  60 young women and BIPOC students graduated from the first class of the I See ME mentoring program in computer science and engineering, and countless students explored fields they never knew existed through the TRAIL website.


"Our health aide put together a 'handsome kit' for a student with supplies from the Resource Closet.  He was coming to school without brushing his teeth or hair and now he comes to the health office before the first bell, pulls out his kit, and gets cleaned up before class.  He looks so much happier and more confident."  Ceiley Hyer, Five Star Resrouce Closet Manager of Comet Closet at Skyview Elementary   

"She was so cute when she got in the car after school today. She was all, "Mom!! My teacher gave me my boots, look!" She pulled them out and was so happy she hugged them. I don't know how to express my full gratitude for the help! Without it, she probably would have dropped the class out of fear of not having the proper uniform. I appreciate you."

"I am very grateful to the Five Star Education Foundation for pitching in to support us in obtaining backpacks for our Back to School event at the last minute.  We were able to stuff 240 backpacks which we distributed to excited families before the first day of school.  This is in addition to the almost 150 already distributed to NEW students who have been enrolled since the start of the year.  Our families are very appreciative."  Lori Swanson, The Five Star Resource Closet Manager for Odin Outpost at Northglenn High School

"We have a student who is the main provider for the family and mom just had a baby. We were able to give them resources and many items to help sustain them while other services were put into place for them. They were so grateful."  Five Star Resource Closet Manager


We believe that all students deserve equitable access to, and support with, quality education and community investment as they move along the pathway from childhood to adulthood. We 'mind the gap' between traditional K-12 education and the outside world. With the support of our donors and the community, we create links and bridges for Adams12 students and the world around them.

Mission: Invest in Student Success

Vision: The Five Star Education Foundation contributes to the improvement of the overall quality of life in our community through investments in educational services and programs to assist Adams12 students in achieving their full potential.

Background Statement

The Five Star Education Foundation was formed in September 1985 by 10 dedicated citizens who believe in our neighborhood schools. The goal - to raise money from the community to support educational activities that were outside the school district's general fund budget. This support was provided by way of grants to teachers in the district to implement programs they created. The foundation distributed its first grants in September 1986. The foundation has been supporting the education of children in the Five Star School district ever since. We help schools address school readiness, equitable access to learning and career programs, and invest in teachers' passions that end with student success. With more than 36,000 students K-12, we are singularly focused on making sure that ALL students are ready for their future.

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