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4CORE provides climate solutions through boots-on-the ground water conservation, energy efficiency and clean transportation programs and projects. We deliver energy efficiency programs to income-qualified residents in SW Colorado. Our Green Business Certification Program assists small businesses in becoming sustainable while reducing operation costs. 4CORE’s work with the Colorado Energy Office promotes the adoption of electric vehicles and the development of charging infrastructure, providing free eBikes for vulnerable sectors and increasing zero emission transportation across Southern Colorado. Your donation supports 4CORE in delivering the most relevant programs that ensure immediate cost and energy savings while reducing energy usage.

Our Impact

  • In 2017 we began offering two energy efficiency programs for the region that were previously unavailable; CARE (Colorado Affordable Residential Energy) for income-qualified residents, and Energy Smart Colorado for businesses and residents.
  • We completed two solar installations for lower income housing; one in Pagosa Springs for Seniors and one at Southwest Horizons Ranch in Durango with grants from the EPA and funding partnerships with LPEA and private donations.
  • The ReCharge Colorado program has significantly increased the adoption of electric vehicles and because the program supports and provides education for businesses and towns across Southern Colorado, the charging infrastructure for Level 2 and DCFC charging stations is steadily growing in rural communities.
  • Through our HomeH2O program we brought rain water harvesting education and annual group buy rain barrel purchases to the community saving thousands of gallons of water each year.
  • We created the only local 4 Corners Carbon Offset Fund that aims to offset your carbon footprint and provide beneficial electrification upgrades to income-qualified residents.
  • The eBike revolution began with 4CORE. Through generous grants from the Colorado Energy Office, we delivered 16 free eBikes to lower income essential restaurant workers in Durango in 2021, and most recently to older, income qualified adults in Cortez for a total of 51 free eBikes and eTrikes in our region to deserving individuals.
  • We developed alongside the City of Durango, a robust program to assist businesses in streamlining operations, reducing their energy burden and providing a just and equitable workplace. We just completed the first year of the Green Business Certification for local businesses with eight fully certified businesses and 12 more in the queue.


"I recently bought an older mobile home and wanted to make sure there weren’t any energy efficiency concerns that I should know about. I applied for the CARE Program, received a free home energy assessment and was very pleased to learn that my home was actually pretty well-sealed, but there were two bathroom fans that were allowing heated air to escape. The CARE Program installed new fans with dampers and the bathrooms are much more comfortable now that they aren’t letting our heated air out, and cold air in. We also received a new refrigerator since ours was very old and wasn’t Energy Star rated. It has been much quieter and it’s nice to know that we aren’t using extra energy to use our fridge. I’d suggest that all of my neighbors apply for the CARE Program and find improvement in trailer living! Since trailers aren’t built with energy efficiency in mind, they would benefit from the CARE Program and the changes that can be made for free. Thank you to 4CORE and the CARE Program- this is a fantastic resource for our community!”

– Marilyn Leftwich

“I wanted to tell you something special not exactly, but sort of, related to the bike program. As you know Walter, aka Wolf, and I met on the day we got our bikes. I rode with him to his place to help him get his charger and other things home since he didn't have a basket yet. We kept in touch and have become great friends. Wolf has been stopping by the Welcome Center where I volunteer to say hi and hang out a bit. I talked to the staff at the center about Wolf last week and I'm happy to report that today we asked him to join us as a volunteer helping tourists that come in. He was thrilled and is looking forward to being part of our welcoming family. I love the look on his face today after we gave him his official shirt. I feel like Wolf will be a wonderful addition to us and it seems he feels great to be wanted. So on top of giving us great bikes, the program has given Wolf and me a unique friendship that likely would not have happened otherwise. Thank you again for all you do”.  

– Anne

“These views brought to you by the best gift I ever received…my eTrike!!!

– Susie Howard

“OMG! I love my new e-bike and friends!”

– Tina

“I love that my eTrike gives me greater access to my favorite places!”

– Susie Howard

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4CORE serves Southwest Colorado by promoting resource conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy through education and programs that strengthen the local economy and foster a healthy, sustainable environment.

Background Statement

Who is 4CORE?

The Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a goal of providing programs and projects that ensure immediate energy and cost savings, especially for our lower income residents. We provide beneficial electrification and renewable energy installations, encourage the adoption of clean transportation with electric vehicles and provide water conservation education and best practices, all with the intent of reducing the emissions that produce the harmful effects of a rapidly warming planet.

Our Beginnings

4CORE was formed in 2008 by a coalition of diverse stakeholders, including representatives from local municipalities, utilities, energy companies, and other organizations and businesses with the goal of creating an organization to promote resource efficiency. The resulting nonprofit organization is a unique collaboration among local utilities, local governments, and grassroots citizens’ efforts. The organization has provided education, outreach and services to low-income households in the five-county region. 4CORE’s mission is to serve Southwest Colorado as the leading resource for the effective and efficient use of energy to promote and sustain vibrant local communities.

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