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8 video shorts of John Davis cultivating discipline, truth, goals, and inspiration to 2xtreme Dream Team 9, 2xtreme clients, and community. 

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2xtreme is Award winning Counseling Therapy that is innovative, relational & challenging. Experiential outpatient programs for emotionally and relationally struggling teen males & young men ages 14-35+. Success in our programs equates to leaders, fathers, husbands & alumni who are emotionally connected, thoughtful, humble, grateful and serve others with their hearts! 2xtreme was established in 1999, and has served over 17,000 boys and their families!


The 2xtreme Foundation exists to be the hub of support programs for young men in crisis and their families, so that they all can heal and thrive.

We do this by:

Cultivating deep, connected relationships with the families we serve, and in the community,

exemplifying an unfailing commitment to excellence in all we do, and inspiring responsible action.

We employ a community mental health model to deliver the full spectrum of support:

Intake and Assessment

Case Management

Individual, Family & Group Therapy

Experiential Programming

Legal, Substance Abuse, and Academic Assistance

Crisis Support

Alumni Engagement

Background Statement

We are 2xtreme for a reason: We meet fire with fire and create success through connected relationships. This is what over 16,000 families have experienced!

2xtreme is about young men and families that are hurting. We join with those in pain where they are, hold their hearts, and guide them on a path to success. We gift parents their sons back. We give teen boys their lives back. We are about walking that hard mile with families. Through experiential relationships, we bring boys back to where they were intended to be before their avalanche of destruction - crushing ruin that is drugs, sex, truancy, violence, porn, property damage, family annihilation, and emotional terrorism. This may sound extreme, but it is very real for too many families that are isolated in this chasm.

"I'm not going to school today because I will be dead on my 20th birthday, therefore, I don't need an education" (15 yr old male)

"I'm about to be homeless and possibly put a f#*@ing needle in my arm, and my crazy ass mom doesn't realize how much weed helps me" (19 yr old male)

"I'm a star lacrosse player, a 3.6 gpa, have tons of friends, but I feel like I don't belong, feel alone, and nobody gets me." (16 yr old male)

These real statements shared upon intake from clients, welcome to 2xtreme.

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