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2HEARTS understands that the transition to adulthood can be stressful, and having Congenital Heart Disease makes it more complicated. We empower youth with skills and support during this transition so they learn to take responsibility for their own health and become independent and happy adults.


You really get to connect with kids who know what you're going through and it makes your life easier knowing someone out there finally gets what you're going though.
- Josie (Teen with CHD)

The best part about 2HEARTS is the love and support that I constantly get from everyone. I know when I am having a rough day or week for whatever reason I can always count on the people in 2HEARTS to help bring me back up. I also like the fun events that get put on and how much fun the 2HEARTS Art Gala is every year. The kids and adults associated with 2HEARTS are amazing. I know that whenever I need to talk, I can talk with them about anything. It's nice to be able to talk to other people besides my parents about my heart condition, and it's cool to hear everyone else's story. I like being able to support other kids. I have been with 2HEARTS for a while now and I know that I can count on having life-long best friends!
- Natalie (Teen with CHD)

The 2HEARTS organization has been very important to the growth and transition of our daughter, Eloiza. The activities provided and friends she's made has helped her overcome her complications from her conditions. It has also helped her mature because she was behind due to those same conditions. Jamie and Heather are great supporters of this organization because they can relate to what our daughter is going through.
- Natalia Cruz (Mom of a teen with CHD).

2HEARTS is incredible. At a very difficult time, the organization embraced my daughter and helped us heal by introducing us to other families dealing with the same situation.
The organization plans super fun events each month to get the kids out of their shell and have them experience the same things "regular" teenagers do.
Heather and Jamie are the most down to earth real people. They run the organization with passion, compassion and integrity.
-Parent of a teen with CHD


2HEARTS educates teens with congenital heart disease and supports their journey from childhood to adulthood.

What we do:

- Monthly educational workshops and social activities.

- Monthly teen lounge.

- Quarterly parent support groups.

- Mental health support to teens and families

- Distribute The Road to Transition (a transition workbook for teens) to families and clinics nationwide.

- Distribute The Parent Checklist (a brochure that educates parents on transition) to clinics and families nationwide.

- Raise community awareness about CHD.

- Collaborate and support other CHD nonprofits and create a strong CHD community.

Background Statement

2HEARTS was founded in 2013. The 2 founders (who are both survivors of congenital heart disease) came together with several doctors and medical professionals to look at ways to solve the gap of services for teens with CHD. The ultimate goal was to prepare teens and young adults for a lifetime of CHD care. 2HEARTS was born!

Founding Story:

My name is Jamie Gulick and I am one of the Co-Founders of 2HEARTS.

Heather Anderson (the other co-founder) and I met a couple of years ago while we were volunteering for another agency. We had an instant connection and we shared all the challenges and the joy of growing up and living with CHD. Although we have tremendously different stories, we both shared many of the challenges of being a teen with CHD. We realized how little resources there are out there for teens with CHD. Teens who are trying to find themselves and learn how to thrive despite living with a heart defect.

We all know that being a teenager can be tough. I am sure all of us have some painful and probably embarrassing memories from our teen years. In addition to all the normal teenage insecurities and emotions, these teens have to worry about ongoing doctor appointments and tests, how to make up all their homework they missed while they were stuck in a hospital bed for a week, what to say when people ask about their scars, the fears of upcoming surgeries and the fear of their often unknown future. It is a lot to handle. Especially when you are 12.

A 12 year old should be playing outside, not stuck in a hospital bed; a 12 year old should be discovering the activities they enjoy - joining sports teams, dancing, art classes - not being too tired to see their friends or participate in school activities, and a 12 year old should be worrying about their math homework, not worrying about the results from their last doctor appointment.

For children and teenagers with congenital heart disease, this is their reality. I know this both from my own personal experience and from getting to know our teens through 2HEARTS. 2HEARTS is here to make them feel supported and not alone. And to teach them the skills they need as they grow up and take responsibility for themselves and their own healthcare.

Parents, doctors and surgeons have spent countless hours and resources on how to extend the quantity of these kids life. Now they need to be given the skills so they can go out and conquer the world and experience all the amazing things life has to offer. The medical community has given them the chance to survive, now let's show them how to live!

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