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We deserve a liveable future!
by 350 Colorado
Fundraiser launched on November 19, 2021 by Chelsea
As a newer resident of Colorado I am already so proud to call this state home.

What didn't make me so proud was when Denver earned the title of 'worst air pollution in the world' in August 2021.
Or that there are thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells around the state that leak toxic gases like methane and benzene into our air and our communities. Make no mistake, these things are connected to and influencing the rapidly changing climate that we are experiencing today.

That is why I am fundraising for climate action and asking you to support 350 Colorado with a donation. We are in a climate crisis and the time is now to mobilize for our future. Things might be dire, but there is hope. We have the solutions to this crisis in our hands today, we just need to build the political will to overcome the interests of the fossil fuel industry and secure a just transition to clean, renewable energy. 350 Colorado is a leading organization in Colorado working for our better future. Your scheduled donation will help us run strategic campaigns to mobilize ALL Coloradans for climate solutions.

The time is now for climate action!
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