Montessori School of Denver

We are a dynamic educational environment empowering students to use diverse knowledge and experiences to reach their full potential and do good in the world.

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General Information

Official Name
Denver Montessori Society​​​​​​​
DBA/Trade Name(s)
Montessori School of Denver
Former Name(s)
(2019)Denver Montessori Society
Date Established
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Headquarters Address
1460 S. Holly Street
Denver, CO 80222
Colorado Location
1460 S. Holly Street
Denver, CO 80222
Mailing Address
1460 S. Holly Street
Denver, CO 80222
Other Address
Main Phone Number
(303) 756-9441 x141
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Mission Statement

We are a dynamic educational environment empowering students to use diverse knowledge and experiences to reach their full potential and do good in the world.

Organization History

The Montessori School of Denver was established in 1964 by a small group of dedicated parents committed to providing Montessori education in Denver. Since then, MSD has expanded to meet the demands for quality education for its students. We currently serve over 300 students, Toddler through 8th grade, and offer a wide variety of educational opportunities year-round.

MSD is the first Montessori school in Colorado to be accredited by both the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS). MSD is also a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

The Board of Trustees is the governing and policy-making body of the school. The Board is composed of parents of children who are currently enrolled in the school or alumni students, faculty representatives, and community members.

The Head of School is responsible for all aspects of the school and is the school's representative both locally and nationally. MSD is very proud of its faculty members who are selected from among the finest educators in the country. The head teachers have all received their training from a variety of Montessori teaching training centers affiliated with AMS and hold at least a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree.


"MSD gave me a strong academic basis and also helped me to grow into the person I am today."
MSD Alum

"Friendships and community, wonderful teachers and staff, the dynamic learning experience to build and support growth in academics, confidence, leadership, creativity, and social development in the children."
Middle School Parent

"MSD is like family. We truly felt cared for as parents and that our children were loved, cherished, and protected. The entire staff had our boys' best interests at heart and are truly passionate in the work that they do."
Lower Elementary Parent

"The teachers! The staff! The beautiful campus! The fact that everyone really seems to enjoy being there."
All Day Primary

"At first, we were a bit apprehensive to send our daughter to a five day per week Toddler program. However, we felt positive about the welcoming classroom and believe in the Montessori educational philosophy. It was only a matter of weeks before we knew we had made the right educational decision. The Toddler program builds confidence, fosters age-appropriate social interaction, and provides a wonderful educational foundation setting the tone for further educational pursuits."
Toddler Parent

"We have nothing but positive things to say about MSD. Our children have and continue to thrive. "
Primary and Kindergarten Parent

"We are so happy and proud to be a part of MSD."
Primary Parent

"I feel so blessed my daughter landed in such a caring environment."
Primary Parent

"We are incredibly grateful that our son is an MSD student! His classroom environment feels like a customized world made just for him. His teachers truly see him as an individual and challenge him in the most encouraging ways. Our son looks forward to school every day and shares his daily experiences with so much excitement that we cannot wait to hear what is next."
Kindergarten Parent

"Our teachers are outstanding- the best I've ever seen and we feel incredibly fortunate that they taught our child. They care so deeply about their students and are committed, knowledgeable, and loving. MSD is an awesome school- we truly love it."
Lower and Upper Elementary Parent

"MSD did a wonderful job of sparking a love for learning and our daughter loves her teachers, the school and community. She has grown socially emotionally, and academically during her time at MSD, for which we will always be grateful."
Upper Elementary Parent

"We are delighted with our daughter's change in attitude about school, and I credit it all to the Montessori School of Denver. She learned wonderful relationship skills and problem-solving skills at MSD, and has maturity beyond her peers when it comes to making good decisions and seeing a situation objectively. Interpersonal relationships are still her focus in school, but she did the work necessary to keep her grades up, and she took initiative to communicate with her teachers and to get caught up when she fell behind. This was a dramatic change from the discouraged student who had all but given up on school when she started at MSD after 5 years in the public school system. You are doing great things. Thank you for making a lifelong difference for our daughter."
Upper Elementary Parent

"The past couple of years, when I would pick my daughter up from her former school, she was always very down. I would ask, "How was your day? Good, great or awesome?" Her answer would always be, "None. I didn't have a good day." It was always something; a bullying issue, boredom or frustration with teachers not answering her questions. Now, I pick her up from school at MSD and I ask, "How was your day? Good, great or awesome?" So far, everyday the answer has been, "Awesome!" Oh that is music to my ears! She has told me learning is fun. The teachers are always available to help and answer her questions. The best part, she is making lots of new friends! After chaperoning at Keystone this week, I was so impressed how welcoming all of the children were to the "new girl." There were no "cliques" among the girls. All of them were so inviting to each other during activities and very helpful and compassionate throughout the trip. My daughter had a blast! I am so relieved that I made the right decision to move her when I did."
Upper Elementary Parent

"We feel so fortunate to have discovered MSD over 11 years ago. Our son is currently in 8th grade and has been at MSD since he was three. He will be graduating from this amazing school in June. This will be a bittersweet event for him and our entire family. It has been an incredible experience to watch our son grow and evolve and ultimately blossom in middle school. We will be forever grateful to the teachers and staff for their dedication and devotion to our son's education and development. He began MSD as a primary student and will leave this school a confident, intelligent, self-motivated, kind-hearted, committed young man. The middle school program has given our son an unparalleled foundation academically and socially to move forward to the next phase of his education and life's journey. The teaching philosophy at MSD is top notch and encourages students to build on their strengths as well as their challenges. Our son knows how to problem solve, think globally and creatively, self-advocate, and dive deep into anything he's learning and exploring with an inquisitive mind. He has been exceptionally fortunate to have had strong, trusting, and mutually respectful relationships with all of his teachers during his time in middle school. The teachers and staff at MSD have demonstrated an unwavering commitment not only toward our son but our entire family."
Middle School Parent

"In my role as Director of Admission I work closely with high school admissions personnel to find the right fit for our graduates. I'm proud of the feedback I receive from my colleagues at the high school level. Here is a sampling of the feedback I received this year:

'MSD kids always rise to the top of our applicant pool'

'MSD kids are so confident in who they are'

'MSD kids just think differently than the other kids - They add a different dimension to discussions, debates, and conversations in the classroom'

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