Medicine Horse Center

For 20 years we nurtured and shared the power of connection with a horse, sowing seeds of change to see oneself from a different perspective. Your contribution will help provide access to mental health services and social-emotional support youth and community need on their path to emotional wellness

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Medicine Horse Center - Therapeutic Riding & Equine Rehabilitation​​​​​​​
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40700 Road J
Mancos, CO 81328
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40700 Road J
Mancos, CO 81328
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40700 Road J
P.O. 1074
Mancos, CO 81328
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Mission Statement

Horses and humans working together to foster healthier communities.

Organization History

Medicine Horse Center was formed in the year 2000 by a few like-minded people, who saw the need for an equine assisted therapy center in our community. The Center officially received its 501(c)(3) status in the year 2000 and primarily focused on therapeutic riding, but by 2008 we expanded its services to include mental health and social-emotional wellness programs. Since those early days, where a handful of local residents were served, we have grown into a valued organization, serving people with emotional, physical and/or cognitive challenges.

Our clientele is as diverse as the community in which we live. We serve children, youth and adults of all ages in our equine assisted psychotherapy, equine assisted learning and therapeutic riding programs. Many clients seek services because they are survivors of abuse and violence, have PTSD from some form of past trauma, or are facing a life situation too great to take on alone. Therapy with horses provides clients with experiential opportunities to practice healthy life skills in a physically and emotionally safe environment, and allows people to understand self-destructive behaviors and patterns while coping within their current relationships and life situations.

No one is turned away from services because of an inability to pay. We support our programs through grant funding, individual donations, fundraisers and community support through volunteering and in-kind services.


What students are saying about A.W.A.R.E.:
"It is helping me with self-control and my confidence and a little respect. They put a lot of effort here." 5th grade boy

"Medicine Horse has helped me a lot. It helped with my stress and got my mind off of my sadness." 7th grade girl

"It has helped me with feeling better about myself and focusing on my future." 8th grade girl

"I have been more aware and more accountable because I take responsibility when I have done something bad." 7th grade boy

"It has been effective because now I can start to respect people more than I have before." 7th grade girl

"Everything has changed since I came here. My outlook on life is so much more positive." 10th grade girl

"Being here has made me calm, gave me good coping skills and reduced my stress." 11th grade girl
"It helped plenty. I would come every day if I could. It's helped me remember that there are people who care and it's given me a sense of hope." 9th grade girl

What educators are saying about A.W.A.R.E.:
"I feel that Medicine Horse helped this boy find his happiness again. He showed confidence when earlier in the year there was only anger and resentment. I think this program brought back a kiddo that might have otherwise been lost." A. R. Dolores School District

"Prior to visiting Medicine Horse, our student was very argumentative and confrontational and felt 'singled-out' by his behavior. When asked to leave the room to calm down, even for a break or a walk around the pod, he would become very upset. After visiting Medicine Horse, he would still exhibit impulsive behavior, but his response to being asked to correct his behavior was much more positive, and pleasant. He would also make requests or ask for alternative choices or tasks as a method responding to behavioral corrections." L.N. Cortez Middle School

"Our student experiences strong emotions that she acts on with physical aggression or back-talk. Prior to her experience at Medicine Horse, she had a very hard time letting another student 'have the last word'. After Medicine Horse, she still struggles with impulsivity, but overall still seems to be able to contain her feelings of frustration or anger better. She has also become more productive at school." L.N. Cortez Middle School

Online "R U AWARE?" Series feedback:

"Oh my gosh! Today's video is precious! Thank you! I love the connection with our 4 legged friends overcoming challenges too. The variety of ages of kids is awesome. Your videos this morning have helped get me out of my monotonous rut. I'm ready for my day now with a better frame of mind. Thanks." C.L. Axis Health System

"We included SEL on google classroom because so many of our students are stressed, missing friends, missing teachers, online learning questions and stressed out parents. Thank you for thinking of our kids and how you make my life better just by knowing you." S.D. Mesa Elementary Teacher

"Great videos! You are so creative in your approach to helping during this tough time." A.R.
Dolores School District

Professional Development (Trauma-Informed Behavior Management Trainings):

"The trauma informed care training hosted by Medicine Horse, is a great introduction or refresher to the use of appropriate language for youth who have experienced trauma. It enables organizations within Montezuma Inspire Coalition to speak a common language and ensure youth are being treated with respect and compassion." M.J. School Community Youth Collaborative

"Working with the Medicine Horse staff, including the horses, was an amazing experience for my professional and personal growth. Not only were we given an array of tools and techniques, Karen helped us understand the spectrums involved with trauma and traumatic stress. This consists of environmental factors that we do not see or experience that contribute to behaviors. It gave me a whole new outlook when working with my target population. We were also given an amazing opportunity to focus on our own skills to promote self-care and composure. This included stepping out of our comfort zone at times. The training involves information as well as physically participating in practices that left me feeling rejuvenated and energized to continue my work with a growth mindset. We even got to spend time building and enhancing our connection with the horses. I really enjoyed working with every member of the staff at Medicine Horse and can easily say that it was the most impactful training I have experienced thus far." S.G. Pinon Project

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