Latino Cultural Arts Center

The LCAC Vision is a manifestation of our collective strength as a community of artists, activists, educators, leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and philanthropists. The LCAC Campus in the Sun Valley and La Alma Neighborhoods is a model for sustainable cultural development.

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Latino Cultural Arts Center​​​​​​​
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2645 W 7th Ave
Denver, CO 80204
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LCAC/Hijos del Sol
2715 W 8th Ave
Denver, CO 80204
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2645 W 7th Ave
Denver, CO 80204
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Mission Statement

The LCAC Difference:

The LCAC bridges the classroom, library, studio and the streets. Art with a social conscience: Creativity and excellence at the intersection of identity, history and social justice. We believe that history is not something distant or that belongs in an institution; rather it personally lives on through every dance move, brush stroke, and every musical beat.

Organization History

50 Years in the Making:

Our history begins in the North Side of Denver with the family of a Mexican immigrant and an Irish American who founded an industrial food processing company in Denver in 1972. They became the largest patrons of Latino arts in the region by supporting their artist friends across the city and the Americas. From housing the Abarca Family Collection to our collaborations and programs, the LCAC is committed to harnessing the creative economy by putting its transformative power in the hands of artists, families, youth and scholars.

A Cultural Campus:

The LCAC cultural campus spans the Sun Valley and La Alma Neighborhoods and will model sustainable cultural development. We started in 2018 with Hijos del Sol, an award-winning gift shop that expands the market for Latino hand-made artisan goods otherwise lost and keeps money locally.

The concept of a Latino cultural arts campus was born from the need to develop a sustainable cultural development model with multiple entry points. Want to get involved in community arts programs that tackle social injustices? Looking to expand your creative side by taking a painting class or cooking workshop? Perhaps just a night of entertainment and food? At the LCAC, you will discover endless opportunities for experiencing the richness of Latino thought in its fullest expression.


"[Before the LCAC] I have never really heard of a project that integrated different aspects that identified Latino Culture, which is art, food, community, and educational programs. Having it all together into one space is going to allow for people to explore different routes and give opportunities to people to come into different parts of the organization."  - Ana Marina Sanchez, Jeweler

"People are sadly forgetting their traditions. Folk art is declining, because younger generations think that it isn't cool or relevant. So, having a place like the LCAC is a reminder of the importance to keep these traditions alive. We should be very proud of where we come from and share that with everyone. The people working with the LCAC have sophisticated perspectives. People really want growth and be involved in this vision. Denver is changing fast and a big part of the population is Latino and that will continue to expand." - Artist in Residence, David Ocetotl Garcia

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