KUVO/KVJZ Public Radio

KUVO-jazz89 is a community-licensed, independent, public radio station dedicated to providing distinctive music, news, and information programming which reflects the values and cultural diversity of its listener community.

Organizational Overview

KUVO/KVJZ Public Radio
2900 Welton Street
Denver, CO 80205
KUVO-jazz89 is a community-licensed, independent, public radio station dedicated to providing distinctive music, news, and information programming which reflects the values and cultural diversity of its listener community.

In July 2013, KUVO completed a merger with Rocky Mountain PBS and the I-News Network. The new entity is called Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network. The three organizations are sharing resources, information and newsgathering capabilities in order to strengthen collaboration, improve resources and gain a deeper ability to meet consumer needs in this evolving media environment. KUVO continues to operate its own organization and to determine programming and areas of focus. Our commitment is to provide distinctive music, news and information programming that reflects the values and diversity of our listener community.

KUVO continues to support several very important and specialized niches within our community. Our programming includes the following weekly programs: a one-hour gospel music program ("Gospel Train"), a one-hour program geared to a Native American audience ("alterNative Voices"), a three-hour program featuring music rooted in Mexico and interpreted by artists from New Mexico, Texas and Colorado ("Cancion Mexicana"); a two-hour program featuring Brazilian music ("Brazilian Fantasy") and a program of Latin American music, news and culture ("La Nueva Voz"). This programming is unique to KUVO and has been supported by our community for more than 27 years.
"First Take with Lando and Chavis," our morning news and music program continues to see audience growth. The program is 60% music and 40% news and information, and is focused on local news and events. The musical portion of the program is intended to entertain and educate, especially the segment titled "Stories of Standards." On a weekly basis, a jazz standard is thoroughly examined; the music, the composer, the artists who have recorded it and the tune's impact over the years.

KUVO has recently released a mobile app that allows listeners to tune in from their smart-phones and tablet computers. This additional listening option increases our accessibility to users and allows them to stay in touch with their community no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Impact Statement

In July, 2013 KUVO completed our merger with Rocky Mountain PBS and the I-News Network. This partnership allows us to share resources, information and newsgathering capabilities. The result will be strengthened collaboration, improved resources and a deeper ability to meet consumer needs in this evolving media environment. KUVO remains an independent entity, responsible for our own programming, fund-raising and administration.
We have hired an arts reporter, in partnership with RMPBS and KUNC. Carrie Saldo reports for all three entities. Her addition has increased coverage of the Colorado arts and culture scene at KUVO, furthering our goal of providing coverage of local stories.
On the infrastructure side, we have upgraded our network servers to provide a greater capacity that will meet growing programming and staff needs for several years. We have also upgraded our phone system during the past fiscal year.
We developed and released a mobile app that allows listeners to tune in to KUVO on their smartphones or tablet devices. This additional listening option increases our accessibility for users and allows them to stay in touch with their community no matter where in the world they happen to be. Moving forward, it will also provide us with an additional revenue stream as underwriters choose to deliver their message with this new technology.
KUVO/KVJZ held its most successful signature event ever in August, 2013. Over 1,200 guests joined us at Balistreri Vineyards for an evening of gourmet food, wine tasting, music from Poncho Sanchez and his Latin Jazz Band and a silent auction. KUVO supporters appreciate a good party!
During the past year, KUVO/KVJZ has worked to build our Sustaining Members program. We have increased the numbers of sustaining members in our base by 30%. These "Jazz Messengers" provide the station with a consistent source of revenue that is important to our on-going operations.
In the upcoming year, KUVO/KVJZ is poised to evolve the station's connection to the small business community, to become more intertwined into the arts education of our public schools, more accessible as a launch pad for local artists, and more innovative when it comes to working with other non-profits.
A major upgrade to our Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio, with new equipment will enhance our ability to broadcast from the Performance Studio, providing more opportunities for musicians, both students and professional to be heard by the KUVO audience. We are also going to include video as part of the performance experience, a benefit of our collaboration with Rocky Mountain PBS.
KUVO/KVJZ will continue to focus our membership efforts on increasing the number of sustaining members, as well as increasing membership numbers overall.

Needs Statement

Areas of Need
KUVO's main areas of need are centered on increasing our broadcast reach within the entire state of Colorado, growing listenership and business support. Our Number One goal is to connect with young musicians and listeners.
By way of increasing our reach, KUVO/KVJZ will be moving into markets where we currently can only be heard via the Internet or the mobile app. Connecting with these communities and providing community, culture and music will be a major achievement for KUVO/KVJZ.
We seek to increase the number of young KUVO/KVJZ listeners. This is accomplished by continuing to develop programming that is appealing to this demographic and to make it available to them on-demand. We will be upgrading our webcast and on-demand capabilities, and heavily promoting the availability of the KUVO app to this group.
Because of our concern for the development of young musicians and our goal to provide them with opportunities to perform on the radio, with professional engineers and musicians, we will continue our High School/Collegiate Series. This is also viewed as another opportunity for us to introduce KUVO to this younger demographic at an early age.
KUVO/KVJZ needs to increase our revenue streams. Underwriting on the app is one such opportunity for growth. Partnering with the RMPBS underwriting team is another.

Background Statement

jazz89 KUVO has a rich and celebrated history that began in 1982 with a handful of volunteers and their dream of founding a Hispanic-controlled public radio station. In 1985 that idea became a reality when KUVO signed on the air for its first broadcast, with one full-time person and three full-time volunteers. Volunteer djs, using donated records from personal collections and local record shops, went on the air with a format of jazz fusion mixed with blues; to put a Latino signature on the music, they threw in a dash of Salsa!

The programming continues to be the cornerstone of jazz89 KUVO, one that has earned the station national recognition for playing the entire spectrum of recorded jazz - from the Louis Armstrong Red Hot Fives & Sevens recordings of the 1920s, to the latest recordings by today's young musicians, and everything in between. You hear traditional, swing era, big band, bebop, trios, vocals, instrumentals, Latin and free style "progressive" and contemporary jazz. jazz89 KUVO is also one of the few stations in the country that has an emphasis on local Denver and Colorado musicians such as Dianne Reeves, Javon Jackson, Phil Urso, Ellyn Rucker, Ken Walker, Joe Bonner, Purnell Steen and Ron Miles.

In the past 27 years, jazz89 KUVO has been located at four different addresses. In 1994, KUVO moved to 2900 Welton Street in Denver's historic Five Points neighborhood, also known as the "Harlem of the Rockies". jazz89 KUVO now owns the building from which it broadcasts.

Today jazz89 KUVO broadcasts live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are currently over 9,000 listener-members and an average of 120,000 tuning in weekly, plus thousands of others streaming live on the Internet.
KUVO was Colorado's first FM station to broadcast in Hybrid Digital (HD) KUVOKVJZ now broadcasts three separate streams: the main KUVO programming, available over the airwaves and streaming over the Internet, and two HD streaming stations. HD2 provides Jazz with Bob Parlocha, Classical 24, The Dianne Rehm Show, Here and Now, On Point, Tell Me More , BBC News Hour, World, and Have Your Say. HD3, The Other Side of KUVO, is an eclectic music mix including folk, bluegrass, CelticWorld, ambientchill, electronica, blues, a small amount of progressive country, and even a little modern jazz.
jazz89 KUVO has garnered national recognition for its diverse, quality programming. One program in particular is the groundbreaking "Caliente! Latin Jazz with Eddie Palmieri" that aired in the fall of 2006 during Hispanic Heritage Month. The program was ultimately carried on over 100 stations across the country.
Moving forward, KUVO wants to develop a newspublic affairs department which can serve our community. Our drive to be hyper- local and cover stories not picked up by mainstream media is a key component to our department. We would like to present KUVO not just as a music station, but also a community resource, with a commitment to public affairsnews that is known in the community and is ubiquitous within all aspects of community life and engagement.

Executive Director Statement

Colorado listeners and supporters have ensured KUVO/KVJZ's success by making significant contributions to our community and the music we provide. KUVO has been on the airwaves since 1985. I'm proud that our programs are now perceived as part of the rich cultural fabric of our community as we serve the best programming possible.

You are exactly the kind of person who shares the same values and who knows how important culture and the arts are to our society. Your decision today to assist KUVO is important. It's important to the young musicians in our community who look at us as a learning platform, a place to perform in front of others and a place to meet and be mentored by elders. And, your support is important as we continue to be the Jazz broadcast powerhouse that KUVO/KVJZ is today.

Located in the historic Five Points neighborhood near downtown Denver, KUVO was founded on a need for the voice of our Latino community to be heard on local airwaves. Our mission continues to expand as we embrace and reflect the wide cultural and social diversity of our Colorado community. We've expanded our ability to reach beyond Denver to serve all Coloradans, and indeed, through our online services, the entire world. Coloradans are become increasingly aware that Denver is home to a world-class jazz station. Thanks to gifts from friends like you, the voices, music and stories of our rich community are now being heard more loudly than ever before. KUVO is committed to our local community and works diligently to strengthen our impact. We do this with your help. Help us take that next step, to develop solid partnerships with businesses, with educational institutions, and with other providers of arts and culture within our Colorado community. We know that it's valuable to you and we're excited about the possibilities. But we can only do it with you.

Your gift, whether on-going or a one-time tax deductible contribution, will make it possible for KUVO to continue bringing Colorado - and the world - an important and valuable broadcast service: Jazz, Blues, Latin Jazz, News, World and Indigenous programming, and the High School/Collegiate Series. KUVO represents you, our community and the world, but is uniquely - Colorado. Your opportunity to help us continue to make this significant impact on our community is now. Thank you for your generous support.

Board Chair/President Statement

As the new chairman of the combined boards of KUVO, Rocky Mountain PBS and the I-News Network, I am thrilled to be taking part in the evolution of this organization as it grows to be an industry- leading media network. KUVO has a dedicated group of professionals, a strong active base of over 300 dedicated volunteers, a passionate membership base, and strong business partners who assist KUVO/KVJZ in providing Colorado with a unique broadcast service.

Celebrating 28 years on the air, KUVO has a strong identity as a national model for providing a programming line-up that serves the needs of a diverse audience. I'm proud to be part of an organization so strongly committed to our local community and mission. KUVO/KVJZ is present at more than 100 community events every year: music events, educational programs, community meetings, and programs sponsored by our non-profit partners. Community engagement is paramount.
KUVO was Colorado's first FM station to broadcast in Hybrid Digital (HD). Today, KUVO/KVJZ broadcasts three separate streams: the main KUVO programming, available over the airwaves and streaming over the Internet, and two HD streaming stations, one focusing on News and NPR programming and the other an eclectic mix of musical types, including folk, bluegrass, Celtic/World, ambient/chill, electronica, blues, progressive country, and modern jazz.

Over 74% of KUVO's broadcast programming is locally produced and created: 125 hours of local shows every week. More importantly, KUVO creates opportunities for young musicians to perform and for aspiring broadcasters to learn the business and technical aspects of radio programming. KUVO/KVJZ supports the creation of a well-informed community, enjoying music that reflects our diverse population by broadcasting a unique mix that is available only at KUVO/KVJZ.

A listener from Whale Rock Road, Rist Canyon "43 of my Whale Rock neighbors lost their homes. My wife, Tonia, and I are among the 9 families that still have a residence. When we were allowed to access on the 29th of June, we 4WD climbed 4.2 miles in our '82 Toyota through standing charcoal Ponderosa piine trunks to our loveshaque, UNBURNT! I unlocked the front door, walked to the car radio/CRAIG audio old-style-stereo, flipped the switch on, INSTANTLY KUVO JAZZ. Tonia burst into TEARS OF JOY!" "...we have been healed day and nights by the exceptional MUSIC played by all of KUVO DJ's.; Nightmares or insomnia, all I have to do is flip on the radio to hear the bliss of jazz, blues, NEW TUNES. You must know how VERY GRATEFFUL we be to Mama Kat, Carlos, Sir Sam Mayfield, Rodney, Jeff, all of the STAFF. BB and Buddy Guy!" "Thank you all for the inspiration of your playlists!"

"I woke up cool but KUVO, made me cooler."

" I thank my lucky stars for the awesome jazz station here in Denver, jazz89 KUVO. It's a travesty that Chicago doesn't have something like this." trumpeter Brad Goode

"Dang you KUVO, release me! I wanted to go to bed 2 1/2 hours ago, but the music has been too good. I listen over the Internet on the East Coast, and you put the radio stations in our Nation's Capital to shame! Keep up the great work." Paul Waldo

If you've never listened to Rolando Garcia, Mama Kat or Sam Mayfield playing Jazz, Blues, Funk and everything in between, you are missing some of the best commercial free radio around.
They play some amazing music.
After a rough day, listening to this incredible station can turn it all back to what is right with the world.
You gotta check them out. Terry K Hostetler

I look forward to every Sunday because of all the great hosts and music on Sunday! Jack you get me up and moving so I am ready for the Conductor. Thank You for all the news and info you share too, it's much appreciated! Lauren Michele Mcgarry

Danny Bastos "KUVO is the best for me as a music teacher. In between lessons it's on in the car and even a great way to expose new youngens to great, true, authentic jazz!"

Lisa Newkirk "When I moved to Denver in December, I became a KUVO member - so pleased to find a public radio station dedicated to jazz 24-7 (instead of just a few hours overnight)."

Matt DeHerrera "I LOVE the musical diversity. I remember when my friend turned me onto it a couple years ago. KUVO music always makes me want to put my tie and fedora on and pay a visit to one of the great jazz clubs in town. Music nowadays has never had any such kind of impact."

Rita Lugo Sokolowski "When I moved to Colorado I really missed my family, and then I found Cancion Mexicana on Sunday mornings. If I closed my eyes it was as if music was blazing from my parents stereo and my dad was singing "aiiiii, aiiii, aiiii!!" This was our "clean the house music" every Saturday while growing up. Latin Soul Party takes me back to my teens and twenties. Love a Friday night with KUVO."

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