Are you ready to be a hero?

Any kid can be a hero through Kid for ColoradoGives! In fact, this program was created just for you. All you have to do is go to to start getting connected with your community!

Since Kids for ColoradoGives was made for YOU, we'll make sure you can experience the joy of giving while having fun and staying safe along the way.

Is this site safe?

Yes! All donations through are "completely anonymous," so the nonprofit you give to will only see the donation amount, date, and any special instructions you enter. If you want to share your first name with the nonprofit you donated to be sure to have your parents email us at

How can I give on

There are several ways for you to be a Kid for ColoradoGives:

1. Ask parents, grandparents or other important adults in your life to purchase a Giving eCard(s) and send it to you. These Giving eCards can be redeemed on and make great birthday and holiday gifts!

2. Talk to your parents about how you can earn Giving eCards through special projects, chores or volunteering.

3. For more ideas, checkout our Pinterest board on kids giving.

How should I choose a nonprofit to support?

There are so many nonprofits doing good work in our communities! How do you decide which ones to support? One way is to think what interests you in your life. We created a nine-question quiz to help you match your interests with one of the nine areas of giving listed on the homepage. Take the quiz.

Can I decide how my donation is used?

If you would like your donation to be used for a specific purpose, please contact the charity directly (with your parent's permission) before making the donation to make sure they are able to honor your request. If the charity confirms they can honor your request*, then please state your wishes in the "Special instructions or comments for nonprofit." field during checkout.

*Community First Foundation cannot guarentee that nonprofits will honor these requests.

Why can't I find my favorite nonprofit?

With the help of your parents, direct the nonprofit to this page to learn about eligibility requirements and enrollment. New nonprofits can enroll in this program every year from March to July.

Other important information