Dedicating Stage & Sound to Terry Dodd

Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Lighthouse is in the process of building a brand-new home, and there's an opportunity to dedicate a space in remembrance of Terry Dodd.

Terry Dodd not only was a writing coach for hundreds of students who took his Saturday morning play writing workshops at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, but also he was a writing inspiration, a friend, and a catalyst for many other friendships. Terry lives on through these friendships and through the vast web of human connections that he made.

In his memory, a group of friends are coming together to raise $50,000 to dedicate the stage and sound package in Lighthouse's new performance space to Terry. Together, let's remember his contributions to Lighthouse and to all of our lives, and ensure that Terry will continue to ignite a love of the literary and dramatic arts for years to come.

Please note: We're accepting multi-year pledges as well as one-time gifts. To learn more about making a multi-year pledge (payment does not need to be made today) or learn how to make a gift of appreciated stock, please reach out directly to Jordyn Wolking, Lighthouse's development director at Any gifts made that way will still count toward our goal!

Let's remember Terry and honor his love for the dramatic and literary arts!
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Created November 05, 2020
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