Strawberry Park Amphitheater: contribute to the construction of Steamboat's first outdoor acoustic performance space!
by Piknik Theatre
Fundraiser launched on February 22, 2022 by Stuart
Nestled next to Strawberry Park Elementary School, Steamboat Springs' first outdoor amphitheater will be built in the summer of 2022. This 200-seat state-of-theart outdoor performance space combines the amenities of a professional performance space with the reverence and respect for the surrounding natural environment. Its location at the edge of Strawberry Park, a cultural hub of the community since the early days of the Perry-Mansfield Camp over 100 years ago, creates a beautiful and culturally significant addition to the region. It promises to be the home to a variety of student performances, create new possibilities for all regional arts groups in the community, and provide an outdoor hub for a variety of community activities. We invite you to make this unique joint collaborative project between Piknik Theatre and the Steamboat School District, RE-2 possible.
Your help makes a real difference
Support Piknik Theatre and the Steamboat School District with donations to this unique outdoor performance venue
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