Giving Activity Kit

We all want to raise good humans. Our Giving Kit will help you teach your kid to be a philanthropist and build a habit of giving...from the comfort of your own home. Download each activity below and help your kid discover and support the causes they care about.

Kindness BingoHow does it feel to be kind?

Your child will be able to describe their own experience with acts of kindness.

Save. Spend. Give.Teach your kids about money with this DIY project.

Take the abstract concept of the importance of money and turn it into something they can see and understand.

Words to Give ByWhat words do you use when you talk about helping others?

Your child will learn the definition of five vocabulary words about giving and use them in a conversation.

What Kind of Giver are You?What does it mean to have a passion?

Your child will better understand which charitable cause they are passionate about.

DiscoverHow does it feel to be a philanthropist?

Your child will have experienced the joy of being a philanthropist.


What is

Presented by Community First Foundation, Kids for ColoradoGives is a new online giving program designed to connect the next generation of Colorado givers with local nonprofit organizations. At, your kid can experience the joy of giving in a fun, safe environment.

Is this site safe and secure for my kid?

Yes! ColoradoGives uses a respected company called Comodo to provide SSL (secure sockets layer) on the site. SSL is a widely used technology that provides an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the website you're using. This prevents third parties from interfering with the donation information traveling through the tunnel.

Each donation appears as "completely anonymous" to the nonprofit receiving the donation. This means that nonprofit is only provided with the date of the donation, the donation amount, and any special instructions entered during checkout. If parents decide their child's first name and the parents' email can be given to the nonprofit, they simply need to email

How do kids give on

Kids can make donations by using a virtual Giving eCard purchased by an adult at the companion site Adults can purchase cards for as low as $10 up to $99,999.99. An adult can email the Giving eCard to the kid or email it to herself and provide a printed copy to the kid.

Giving eCards make great birthday and holiday gifts. We also encourage you to talk with your kids to identify special jobs or projects that could earn them Giving eCards. 

How do I purchase a Giving eCard?

Giving eCards can be easily purchased for as little as $10 all the way up to $99,999.99. Giving eCards can be purchased with a Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, or banking account by following these instructions:

1. Go to Giving eCard page

2. Complete the required fields and add the Giving eCard to your cart. (If your child does not have an email address, you can send it to yourself and then print it for your child later.)

3. You'll then have a chance to preview the Giving eCard. If the name, amount, and message seem good to you, then click Checkout. You can then add more Giving eCards to your cart or proceed to Checkout.

4. You can finish checking out as a guest or through a donor account.

5. An email with the Giving eCard is sent to the email you designated (If you checkout through a donor account, a copy is also saved on your account).

6. The recipient of the Giving eCard can go to, find a nonprofit he/she'd like to support, and use the code on the Giving eCard to complete the donation process.

Can my child specify how nonprofits use the donation?

If your child would like the donation to be used for a specific purpose, please contact the nonprofit directly before making the donation to make sure they are able to honor your request. If the nonprofit confirms they can honor your request, then please have your child state his/her wishes* in the "Special instructions or comments for nonprofit" text box.

*Community First Foundation cannot guarantee that nonprofits will honor these requests.

Are nonprofits charged any fees?

Third-party vendors charge credit card and electronic check processing fees when donors make online purchases of Giving eCards. Two percent of each Giving eCard donation helps to cover these fees and ensures the program's long-term sustainability. The two percent third-party processing fee is one of the lowest in the country and the most cost effective way to fundraise online. Community First Foundation is happy we can make this program available to Colorado nonprofits without any set-up charges or monthly maintenance fees.

What if my child can't find his/her favorite nonprofit?

Direct the nonprofit to this page to learn about eligibility requirements and enrollment. Enrollment for new nonprofits is from March 1 to August 1 annually. After August 1, interested nonprofits will have the opportunity to learn about enrolling for in March of the following year.

How can I learn more about teaching my kid about giving?

There are many sites that can help you teach your child about how to get involved in their community by giving of their time and talents. Some such resources include:

For more ideas check out our Pinterest board on kids giving.

How can I share feedback?

Click here to complete a brief survey and share your feedback on the site.

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