Rebuilding Together Metro Denver​​​​​​​

What do you do?

Rebuilding Together Metro Denver helps those that need help with their homes. Not everyone can afford keeping their homes safe for them, so RTMD makes these repairs for them! Everyone deserves hot, running water to shower and a working furnace in the winter to stay warm. Some people need grab bars to help them walk or have bad allergies, making dusty carpets harmful. We provide these repairs for free for these low-income homeowners, so they can live safely and happily.

Whom do you serve?

RTMD serves low-income homeowners who are in desperate need for some home repair help. These homeowners are also either over the age of 60, are living with disabilities, or are veterans or widows or widowers of veterans. These people need the most help fixing up their homes to be safe for them and accommodate any needs they might have.

What difference do you make?

We make a huge difference! Many people we help don't feel safe living in their homes. This year, one person we helped is Vickie, who has COPD, a lung disease. She needs to use a walker and carry oxygen, but the old carpets in her home made moving and breathing hard. We took out the carpet, provided her with grab bars, kitchen storage, doors, and many other things to make sure home home feels like a home should. We help so many people that can't relax at home because of no heat or other hazards!

How do donations help?

We make sure people are safe thanks to donations, and every dollar counts! We have so many donors that give just a few dollars at a time, and it means the world to us and the people we help everyday. With donations, we can purchase materials needed for fixing these homes up and make a difference. The dollars donated to us ensure that your neighbors stay safe, and help us reach more and more people that have trouble just walking around their own home.


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Rebuilding Together Metro Denver​​​​​​​
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