Fall Campaign Nonprofit Toolkit

Campaign Overview:

Community First Foundation has launched a fall campaign to promote KidsforColoradoGives.org, the kid-friendly component of ColoradoGives.org. We’ve created this toolkit to help you capitalize on the media surrounding the campaign, and connect the next generation of givers with your nonprofit.

Target Audience: Busy parents of children 8 – 14 who want to teach their kids how to do good but don’t have time to organize it on their own.

Key Message: Raise a good human

Components: Quiz, videos and a Giving Activity Kit to help parents engage kids in the spirit of giving.

Campaign Timeline: October and November 2018

How to Leverage Fall Campaign

  1. Ensure your organization has a kid-friendly profile on KidsforColoradoGives.org
  2. Promote “buy one get one free” Giving eCards before Colorado Gives Day (Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018)
  3. Share graphics on social media
  4. Promote kids quiz: “What Kind of Giver Are You?”
  5. Circulate Giving Activity Kit

Tools to Help You

Giving Activities

Download or share the link

Fun Quiz

Located on the home page or share the link.

How Kids Give on KidsforColoradoGives.org

  1. Adult purchases Giving eCard for a kid
  2. Kid searches for nonprofits
  3. Kid makes donations with Giving eCard number