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Thank you for all you have done and for Giving Where You are Living!

Miracles for Mito is the ONLY source of support for families in the Rocky Mountain Region impacted by Mitochondrial Disease. We provide support, advocacy and financial help.

Here is the impact your donation has made

- Serve over 100 families across the Rocky Mountain Region
- Support ongoing research which has evolve into a five year
grant from the National Institute of Health
- Sponsor our first Mitochondrial Clinical Trial with Stealth Biotheraputics
- Deliver over $10,000 in Supplements not covered by insurance
- Assist families in need to cover medical expenses, accessibility
needs and respite

Mitochondrial diseases result from failures of the mitochondria, specialized compartments present in every cell of the body except red blood cells. Mitochondria are responsible for creating more than 90% of the energy needed by the body to sustain life and support growth. When they fail, less and less energy is generated within the cell. Cell injury and even cell death follow. If this process is repeated throughout the body, whole systems begin to fail, and the life of the person in whom this is happening is severely compromised. The disease primarily affects children, but adult onset is becoming more and more common.

Diseases of the mitochondria appear to cause the most damage to cells of the brain, heart, liver, skeletal muscles, kidney and the endocrine and respiratory systems.

The money you donate goes directly to these families in helping them to navigate this complex disease. Thank you!

Miracles for Mito is a project of Colorado Nonprofit Development Center.

Thank you for giving to Miracles for Mito! This is a complex disease that at times baffles the medical community as much as the families. Your donation will insure these patients are not alone in this fight.
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