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FINS Attached: Marine Research and Conservation

The health of any ecosystem is controlled largely by its apex predators. So, while our work aims to impact the marine ecosystem as a whole, much of our research is focused on the apex predators of the marine environment, which are sharks. There are Around 440 Known Species of Sharks! Sharks are vulnerable because they take decades to mature and produce few young. It is estimated that up to 100 million sharks are killed by people every year, due to commercial and recreational fishing. The demand for shark fin soup alone is creating a market that can't be imagined. In the October 2016 experts estimated that finning claims between over 73 million sharks annually. That number doesn't even account for the sharks killed for meat or other shark products. We focus our efforts on: * Shark Research * Shark Conservation * Public awareness and education * Advocacy Our organization is comprised of scientists, companies, organizations, and people concerned with the health of the world's oceans. The scientists that represent Fins Attached range in backgrounds from divers to Ph.D marine biologists. You too can be a part of this movement to educate, save sharks and all our ocean's creatures. Join us to save these apex predators, and in turn save our world's oceans!

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