Hoof care for our Healing Herd!
by The Right Step, Inc.
Fundraiser launched on November 13, 2021 by Emily
Have you ever heard the adage "no hoof, no horse"? This year, I am fundraising for a full year's worth of hoof care for our healing herd - a total of $5,000!

Regular hoof care is essential to the well-being and happiness of our herd. Just like people, some of our horses require more hoof support than others, and having the right shoes for the job helps them feel their best for our clients every day.

Every $50 raised pays for a hoof trim for one horse
Every $130 funds a trim and a front pair of shoes
Every $200 provides a trim and a specialty pair of shoes
Every $650 covers farrier care for our entire herd for a whole six weeks!

For our incredibly talented and loving therapeutic riding horses to have regular hoof trims and shoes for one year, we are aiming to raise $5000. Every bit helps, and don't forget that your donations are added-to if you schedule your donation for Colorado Gives Day - December 7th!

Are you a first-time donor? The Right Step inc. is incredibly grateful to have an incentive fund this year for first-time donors, as your donations are matched, up to $5,000.

Watch social media for updates during November and December!

*This fundraiser is in loving memory of Druid. When I was a wee little high school volunteer, Druid was a beloved therapeutic riding horse I often led for lessons back in Virginia. Druid passed away due to complications from founder - a metabolic disease that affects the hooves.

Incentive Fund

Amount: $5,000.00
Provided By: The Right Step, Inc. Board of Directors

Dollar-for-dollar match for any first-time donors to The Right Step!

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Your help makes a real difference
Please donate to my campaign for healthy hooves for our herd of horses!
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