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Fundraiser launched on April 20, 2021 by Stacey
Join me in my fundraising efforts to help Broomfield FISH feed families and fuel hope! FISH is a non-profit organization that provides food, emergency financial assistance, and one-on-one mentoring support to Broomfield residents in need.

Broomfield families are struggling now more than ever as a result of the pandemic. In the fiscal year 2020, FISH supported 12,601 unduplicated people, which is 1 in 7 Broomfield residents, with food, emergency financial assistance and critical resources. FISH also help 200 people experiencing homelessness find shelter and distributed 45% more food.

You can donate on the link above or mail your donation directly to FISH.

Broomfield FISH
6 Garden Center
Broomfield, CO 80020
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