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There once was a little girl who dreamed a really big dream. When she was seven years old, Caitlin Tyra Brady suffered a spinal cord injury. In an effort to live her best life now, Caitlin decided she needed a service dog to assist her with daily tasks such as walking, propelling her wheelchair, picking up dropped items, and pain relief.

Over the years, Caitlin's service dogs Badger and Talia attended every important event alongside her including appointments, hospital stays, third through twelfth grade, and Red Rocks Community College. Tragically, on May 22, 2017, at 18 years of age Caitlin passed away.

Caitlin dreamed that Domino Service Dogs would be for people with disabilities, by people with disabilities and that no person would ever be turned away due to their inability to pay. As I said, Domino Service Dogs got its beginning, because a little girl dreamed a really big dream. Let's keep that dream alive.

100% of all donations received will be used to provide financial assistance to Domino Service Dog clients who qualify as low income.

Caitlin was the most generous young lady I ever met. She paid it forward almost every day of her life. Now that Caitlin is no longer with us, let's keep her dream alive.
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