Heating Homes in the San Luis Valley through Next's Word of Thanks microgiving campaign
by La Puente Home, Inc.
Fundraiser launched on February 28, 2022 by Kyle
Colorado's San Luis Valley is a vast, isolated, region that experiences national-high rates of poverty and harsh, frigid winters. Due to the high altitude and dry climate, temperatures consistently fluctuate up to 50 degrees. From October to April, temperatures regularly dip below 0 degrees, commonly reaching -20 degrees. Hundreds of households in the Valley strictly rely on wood to heat their homes. Many in the SLV rely on propane, the cost of which is hitting historical highs breaking people's budgets and savings. Two cords of wood delivered to a rural, isolated location, costs a family 500 dollars. These homes, often poorly insulated structures, yet families can make the wood last for up to 4 months. Though La Puente works vigorously to find resources to help heat homes through the harsh winter, but we have exhausted those resources this year, with several months left of freezing temperatures. Since running out of resources, La Puente has received 5-10 calls asking for energy assistance daily. Most of these requests have gone unserved. Without more resources, it is estimated that at least 100 families will go without energy assistance to heat their homes for the remaining winter.
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Let's help La Puente meet the immediate need for home heating funds in the San Luis Valley. Even $5 helps, so I'll match the first fifty donations of $5. -Kyle Clark
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