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Queer Creatives and Writing in Color aim to offer a more demographically complete representation of our writing community by connecting queer creatives and writers of color with peers to share ideas, inspirations, new work, successes, challenges, and resources to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive writing community in Colorado. We aim to increase visibility and publication for participants while offering a space that celebrates and welcomes the rich diversity of Colorado writers. Our goal for Colorado Gives Day 2020 is to fund two fellowships and two fully-funded spots at the retreat. We currently have a matching grant and will match every dollar up to $1,000.


In 2019, we offered the first Writing in Color Fellowship. Offered annually to a person who demonstrates a passion and skill for writing, a commitment to developing their writing skills, and a clear commitment to community service, the Writing In Color Fellowship for Emerging Writers is for writers who would benefit from a year's worth of involvement at Lighthouse but who would not be able to do so without financial support. In 2021, we're looking to add a Queer Creatives Fellowship for Emerging Writers.

"As a Writing in Color Fellow, I received time and community, and a room where I stopped having to explain myself. What I want from this Fellowship is that it continues, so I can hold the door open for the person behind me." - Joe Ponce, 2019-20 Writing in Color Fellow


In 2019, we launched the first writing retreat for writers of color in Colorado. The Writing In Color Retreat is specifically designed to welcome, celebrate, and amplify voices of writers of color. Whether working on a novel, memoir, short fiction, poetry, or hybrid/interdisciplinary forms, our experienced faculty and guest instructors work closely to support the writing process of our participants. In 2020, we expanded and added a retreat for Queer Creatives.

From our inaugural cohort:

"Thank you Lighthouse Writers for providing a vital opportunity for writers of color to gather, workshop, and connect. I have long been in white dominated spaces, and, at times, the only person of color. To find this space was a true "Lighthouse" for me as a writer."

"The Writing in Color retreat has been an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to connect with folks who have shared joys and sorrows - who have faced similar challenges. It has fostered a resurgence of creativity for me and I was only able to participate because of your sponsorship. Thank you!"

"Many people think dreams are extraordinary things. Dreams are normal. Making your dreams come true, that's the extraordinary thing. Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams."

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