Seniors' Resource Center, Inc.​​​​​​​

What do you do?

Seniors' Resource Center (SRC) provides programs and services to help seniors (age 60 and over) to be able stay in their own homes and live with dignity and hope. Our former president John Zabawa said it best: "Our children are our future, but our seniors are the reason we have a future."

Whom do you serve?

SRC provides Adult Day, Care Management, In-Home Care, and Volunteer Services to adults age 60 and older in the Denver area and mountain communities. As people get older, they often need some assistance to remain at home, rather than having to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home.Whether they need help around the house, a ride to the doctor, or a safe place to visit during the day, SRC's programs help older adults live at home safely and comfortably.

What difference do you make?

SRC has been helping seniors since 1978. We help approximately 20,000 older people each year improve their daily lives. Here are comments from older adults who have used our services:

"The people at SRC have gone far beyond and helped me through hard times. I would recommend you to everyone. They made me feel important, great, cared about, special."

"SRC has been a blessing for me as I didn't know how I was going to the doctors or to the store to get my food. Thank you very much."

How do donations help?

Donations make a big difference. Many seniors do not have the money to pay for the help they need.SRC helps all seniors who ask for help, regardless of whether they can afford the cost. Even a small donation can help an older person with a ride to the doctor; a few dollars could help someone's grandmother-maybe even yours-get help to clean the house; or a bit of pocket change could help SRC supply low-income seniors with laundry detergent or shampoo that they could not afford on their own.


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