Hope of the Grand Valley​​​​​​​

What do you do?

Our approach is different than most; many times the families we serve fall short and a hand up is all they need to move forward. HOTGV remains constant is the effort to help those already working hard to brighten the future of their children. We provide groceries, diapers and a safe environment during our classes for children, as well as Christmas. Our focus is on giving these children a more secure future by empowering their parents with practical training and necessary resources.

Whom do you serve?

We are fortunate to serve ever-increasing numbers of hard-working, low-income families. This segment of the population is growing, yet typically over looked and often struggling. Children with parents that are making a little too much money to qualify for government assistance. We are here to give a hand up to parents who are working tirelessly, paying their bills, and doing everything in their power to provide their children with food, clothing, and shelter without public assistance.

What difference do you make?

Our families are given the opportunity to take advantage of the many services and programs we have available. We have families that have been able to purchase their first home, and many more are close to reaching that goal as well! HOTGV is here for our families as they walk through life. We have found that providing guidance creates a clearer path to a more prosperous and successful future, and in turn, allows HOTGV to continue our journey of helping those who just need a hand up.

How do donations help?

Our hard-working, low-income families, as a segment of the population, is growing. Yet they are typically over looked and often struggling. We have experienced a significant surge in needs from families who need practical help to remain self-sustaining. We are currently in need of monthly financial commitments to continue our efforts in helping these families stay off government assistance. This is a proven means to break the cycle of poverty for many families - forever!


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Hope of the Grand Valley​​​​​​​
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