Growe Foundation​​​​​​​

What do you do?

We provide on-site school gardens and hands-on lesson plans for all the grades at Boulder and Denver elementary schools. These include math, science, environmental studies, art and nutrition. We support children by helping them understand the importance of fruits and vegetables and the connection between what they eat and the health of their body. We also provide programs for children to learn about how the health of their bodies is linked to the health of the planet.

Whom do you serve?

Pre-school and elementary students at schools at 20 schools in Boulder County and North Denver. This currently totals over 9,100 students; our plan is to add more schools in Boulder County and surrounding areas soon.

What difference do you make?

We help children do better on their math, science and reading tests by learning in the gardens with hands-on lessons. By applying math and science directly to real-life applications, it is easier to understand theses concepts quickly. We also let children plant, harvest and sell their plants. They watch the plants grow, get to taste their produce, determine how much to sell them for in fall markets, and what to spend the money on. They also get to eat the vegetables in the school lunches.

How do donations help?

Most schools can only pay a small part of what it costs to supply and take care of the gardens. Donations to Growe help us cover the cost for the plants, soil, garden beds and covers, watering system, workshops for parents and other costs associated with our school gardens and programs.


General Information

Official Name
Growe Foundation​​​​​​​
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(2008)Our Love of Children
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936 West Alder Street
Louisville, CO 80027
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936 West Alder Street
Louisville, CO 80027
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936 West Alder Street
Louisville, CO 80027
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(303) 589-1661
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(303) 564 0133