Diana and Ashley - 2019 Colfax 5k Run

Denver Kids, Inc.

Please consider a donation to this awesome organization! I've been volunteering with them for a little over a year now (see photo evidence!), and can't say enough about the great work they're doing. Please see below for some of the deets on who Denver Kids is, what they do, and how the Colfax 5k plays into it all.

And as a little incentive... Ashley loves to draw, and her creativity is one of my favorite things about her. She has promised to create a personalized picture for anyone who donates $30 or more, so if you're able to give at that level, we'll mail you a little something to hang on your fridge and remind you of the awesome cause you're supporting. (If you give $100 or more, I will also draw you a picture. Or, given my artistic ability, I can agree NOT to draw you a picture. Your choice) ;) Thanks to all who are able to help us reach our goal!

Denver Kids exists to support Denver Public Schools (DPS) students, grades K-12, who face the personal challenges of higher risk environments, to successfully complete high school, pursue a post-secondary option and become contributing members of the community. Learn more at www.denverkidsinc.org

Denver Kids runners and volunteers are participating in the 2019 Kaiser Permanente Colfax 5K, 10 Miler, Half Marathon, Relay Marathon, and Full Marathon on May 18 and 19, 2019. As a team member I am seeking donations to support my efforts - all contributions benefit the programs of Denver Kids. The goal of Team Denver Kids is to raise $30,000. Join us in making this goal a reality!

Denver Kids believes that all children deserve a chance to reach their highest potential and improving their educational outcomes is critical in helping them do so. Through the passion and dedication of stakeholders like you, Denver Kids is able to have a profound impact on our students' lives. Together we can fundamentally change the futures of young people and the sustainability of our community.

***Denver Kids is included the Denver Enterprise Zone Tax Credit. This means that donations of cash, check or credit card in the amount of $250 or more to Denver Kids may qualify for the Denver County Enterprise Zone 25% state income tax credit. Stock and other in-kind donations valued at $500 or more qualify for a 12.5% state income tax credit. Complete details and instructions can be found at http://denverkidsinc.org/donate/enterprise-zone-tax-credit/ ***

Ashley are I are running in support of Denver Kids. Help us reach our fundraising goal!
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