Boulder County Wildfire Fund
by The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
Fundraiser launched on May 11, 2022 by Richard
Since December 30, 2021, the Community Foundation Boulder County has been an amazing catalyst for support and recovery for surviving families, including that of Tom and Carolyn Brigham, as they put their lives back together and move forward after the total loss of their home to the Marshal Fire. Tom and Carolyn have been moved by many expressions of support from friends and family. They have benefitted from the energy and hopefulness of their community and have encouraged those who are moved to make a financial contribution to them to instead direct their contribution to the Community Foundation. At this point, Tom and Carolyn are starting to reimagine their lives in Boulder. They are grateful for the support that they and their fellow survivors have received from the foundation.
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Brigham Family Appreciation for Community Foundation Boulder County
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