Boulder Shelter for the Homeless​​​​​​​

What do you do?

Create avenues to stable housing for our community's homeless adults, from a foundation of supportive and safe shelter.

Whom do you serve?

Adults who are experiencing homelessness in Boulder County. If they are sleeping outside, we provide them with blankets, gloves, hats, socks, and snacks and let them know about other ways we can help at the shelter. If they come to the shelter, we provide meals, showers, medicine for colds and headaches, lockers, a safe place to sleep for as many nights as needed, and support in the process of finding a new home.

What difference do you make?

Can you imagine not having a place to sleep? Not knowing where you are going to eat? Not having anywhere to put your things? It is in all of these areas, that we make a difference for the people we serve. We are here to support our clients as they work to regain housing. For some people, we are only needed for one night. For others, we are needed for years. No matter how long we serve and support someone, we do it with respect and kindness.

How do donations help?

Donations to the Shelter allow up to 160 people a warm, safe place to sleep every night. They also allow us to provide all of them with full bellies at breakfast and dinner and a ride to and from the Shelter. Your donation allows the shelter to provide lifesaving and life changing services!

Thank you for considering the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for your donation!


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Boulder Shelter for the Homeless​​​​​​​
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