2021 IES New Beginning
by IES Institute for Environmental Solutions
Fundraiser launched on November 27, 2020 by Adam
The Institute for Environmental Solutions is a science-based non-profit organization that I've followed for years. I am honored to now serve on IES's Board of Directors and feel even more strongly in our mission and approach to addressing global environmental issues through local education, research, and action.
After almost 20 years, our founder and Executive Director is retiring. 2021 will be a year of transition and focus, and your support will help fuel this incredible work for another 20 years.
Create more environmentally sound and healthy communities!
* $100 will bring the Blue Crew Water Stewards workshop to a new classroom to reduce water pollution.
* $250 will teach a class of students how to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate climate change
* $500 will purchase, plant and maintain two additional native trees to reduce storm water runoff and mitigate global climate disruption.
* $1,500 will support and train one graduate intern for one semester.
* $2,500 will sponsor workshops for a grade of science classes.

Incentive Fund

Amount: $1,000.00
Provided By: Adam Wylie

I'm adding a 50% match to every dollar you donate! Plus, you're getting the built-in Colorado Gives Day $1,000,000 incentive fund from the Colorado First Foundation and First Bank, so your money makes an even bigger impact.

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Your help makes a real difference
Please support this organization that combines my passions of learning, volunteerism, science, personal health, and environmental health. Your contribution won't go further!
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