2022 Staff Scholarships
by Geneva Glen Camp, Inc.
Fundraiser launched on October 06, 2021 by Geneva Glen Camp
We are excited to announce the Geneva Glen Staff Scholarship to our counselors in 2022!

The purpose of the scholarship is to retain and reward counselors that would otherwise not be able to work at camp due to financial need related to post-secondary education, whether that be a four-year college/university, a two-year community college, or a trade school. Scholarships will be awarded annually to selected members of camp staff who meet all the requirements. Consideration will be given for high school/post-secondary grades, camp service, community involvement, financial circumstances, and commitment to work as a member of the GG Camp Staff for the 2022 summer.

Applicants must be employed as a GG camp staff member for the 2022 summer sessions. Selected recipients are required to successfully complete their summer contract before receiving their scholarship. Funds are distributed directly to institutions in two equal payments for respective semesters, or in one payment if the scholar only has one remaining semester. Consideration may also be given to counselors who have completed a degree that have student loan debt, and will be paid directly to the loan provider. Funds must be used for tuition, room and board, books for the academic school year, or student loan debt. At no time will funds be distributed directly to a Scholar.

Recipients will be selected by a Staff Scholarship Sub-Committee of 5 to 7 volunteers under Geneva Glen's Development Committee, with the sole purpose to accept and review applications, evaluate applicants, conduct interviews, and award recipients. Potential and Hired Staff must apply for the Scholarship in early January (Date TBD), will be notified about Scholarship interviews by early March (Date TBD), and will be notified March 31st if they were selected and what amount they will receive.

Scholarships will be awarded entirely based on how much donors contribute, so they can fluctuate year to year! This year, our goal is to provide multiple camp staff with a Geneva Glen Staff Scholarship of several thousand dollars each, dependent on who applies and their financial circumstances. Join us in recruiting and retaining excellent staff committed to our mission and values that would otherwise not be able to afford to be a counselor next summer!
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