Indigo Mountain Nature Center, Inc.

Indigo Mountain offers a last chance for a life of compassion, love, dignity and respect to captive-born wildlife, exotic animals and alternative pets. The sanctuary provides a lifelong home to abandoned, abused, confiscated or unwanted animals such as black bear, wolfdogs, and Bengal cats .

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Indigo Mountain Nature Center Inc​​​​​​​
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P.O. Box 208
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Mission Statement

Indigo Mountain Nature Center, Inc. was established to create public awareness and inspire respect for all wildlife through education, while providing a variety of specialized services to captive born wildlife, exotic animals and alternative pets.

Organization History

Sue Cranston and Carol Scarborough founded the organization in 1997 when they began rescuing abandoned wolfdogs from animal control agencies and from individuals who could no longer appropriately care for animals. During this same period they began offering wildlife education programs to local schools, clubs and community groups.

In 1999 Carol and Sue began to broaden their focus from rescuing a small number of animals out of their home to developing a professionally run animal sanctuary and education facility. They formed a board of directors, became incorporated and received federal non-profit status under the 501(c)(3) code.

During this same period Indigo Mountain began an animal placement network. Carol and Sue traveled all over the country inspecting animal sanctuaries and zoos. They personally interviewed a number of Executive Directors and formed close working relationships with many organizations. Then they began aiding in the placement of dozens of wolves, wolfdogs, coyotes, bear, mountain lions, tigers, lynx, river otter and others. The animals came from diverse backgrounds including unscrupulous breeders and brokers, fur farms, animal control situations, private individuals who were abusive or overwhelmed.

In January 2000 a 37 acre parcel of land was obtained adjacent to Pike National Forest near Lake George, Colorado and the construction of a new, animal sanctuary began. Shortly thereafter Indigo Mountain was issued a Commercial Wildlife Park license by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife and they began taking in animals.

Over the next 20 years the sanctuary has continued to expand and grow. Indigo Mountain played an integral role in some large wolfdog rescues. Publicity from these rescues lead to a countrywide reputation for excellence in wolfdog care and rescue. Affiliations with humane societies and specialty rescue organizations lead to a diversification of species that the Center took in. By the end of the fiscal year in June 2020, the sanctuary had provided a permanent home to wolfdogs, coydogs, Bengal cats, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, domestic mink and black bears.


"Indigo Mountain Nature Center offers incredible dedication and expertise in caring for animals that need help. The staff there gives them the opportunity to live quality lives in a pristine setting."
- Terri Collins, director of Catamount Wildlife Center

"Indigo Mountain works tirelessly to provide the highest level of care to abandoned and neglected animals in need, and fills a vital role in wildlife education to the Front Range."
- Donna Ralph, Ellicott Wildlife Center

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