Pueblo Cooperative Care Center

Pueblo Cooperative Care Center serves over 36,000 individuals, families and the homeless in Pueblo County with critical need resources that include food, clothing, medical prescription assistance, personal hygiene products, emergency inner-city transportation and voucher programs free to clients.

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Corry L Higbee, Executive Director
Start Date: 2018

Prior to being appointed as the Executive Director at Pueblo Cooperative Care Center, Corry served as a case manager for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Prior to this position he retired from higher education and now enjoys taking on challenges that bring hope to people in need. Corry is a Certified Lay Minister for the United Methodist Church and has worked in diverse business sectors over the course of his life. Initially serving as a private consultant and successful business owner, Corry went to work for Boettcher & Company, a mainstay provider of financial services in Colorado. Corry remained with Boettcher & Company through multiple acquisitions, eventually working his way to Associate Vice President of Everen Securities, now Wells Fargo Advisors. Corry successfully managed millions of dollars in assets for individuals, small businesses, hedge funds, private foundations and large corporations before transitioning to higher education. Corry has worked with diplomatic representatives from the United Nations, Central African Republic, Gabon, Kenya, China and Mexico to foster international development efforts, and to improve industry, education and welfare with United States constituents. Corry was recently awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship by Lions Club International, the highest form of recognition which embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism. Completing his doctoral studies in Leadership, Corry is married, and he and his wife Nancy have three daughters and seven grandchildren.

Mona Montoya, Director of Operations
Start Date: 1992

There are times throughout life when hardship and suffering are inevitable. It is in those times of despair that we seek kindness, compassion and a helping hand. That helping hand belongs to one of the most selfless and devoted women in the world today, Mona Montoya. Born and raised in Pueblo, Mona is no stranger to adversity. Along with her family she survived the devastating flood of 1965 as they lost everything. That did not deter her parents as they cared for and fed the less fortunate while facing their own struggles. This lesson was internalized by Mona and is now reflected in her values today as she strives to end the suffering of the sick and poor. She has the vision of a philanthropist and a heart of gold. Mona is a true advocate for the welfare of others which is reflected in her many accomplishments. Mona along with her late sister Marcie opened the doors to the current Pueblo Cooperative Care Center facility and has remained at the center since its opening. The food pantry is named "Mona's Pantry" in her honor and in tribute to her never ceasing acts of kindness. Mona's unwavering commitment for the past 26 years to the Pueblo Cooperative Care Center is a true testament to her authenticity, high standards and care for humanity. It is her dedication in assisting and guiding the less fortunate that makes her an exceptional woman and an integral component to Pueblo Cooperative Care Center and the greater Pueblo community.

Stephanie Walker, Finance Manager
Start Date: 2019

Information coming soon!

Juree Dowd, Administrative Assistant
Start Date: 2018

Juree started working at Pueblo Cooperative Care Center in 2009 and served as chief administrative support staff until 2017 when she retired. Pueblo Cooperative Care Center convinced Juree that she needed to return on a part time basis as she was needed in multiple areas. Stan, her spouse was convinced by Juree that he needed to volunteer in the Pantry. Both returned to Pueblo Cooperative Care Center in March of 2018. Juree believes strongly in the mission of the Pueblo Cooperative Care Center and has made a tremendous difference in every aspect of operations. There has never been a job that she has refused to do!

Sedro Martinez, Warehouse Supervisor
Start Date: 2013

Sedro, or 'Chilo' as he prefers to be called has helped Pueblo Cooperative Care Center in multiple volunteer capacities since early 2007. Retiring from the department of corrections, Chilo went to work part-time at Pueblo Cooperative Care Center through SER, Senior Employment Resource agency. He was assigned to work at Pueblo Cooperative Care Center and was formally hired by Pueblo Cooperative Care Center as the Warehouse Supervisor in 2013. Chilo is organized, meticulous and detail oriented. He has a heart for serving God and others in need which is evident in his daily activities.

Peter Maisel, Facility Services
Start Date: 2017

Peter or 'Pete' as he prefers to be called worked for the railroad industry, and after 29 fruitful years he decided to retire. Pete came to Pueblo Cooperative Care Center in 2016 through the Senior Employment Resource agency and was hired into a part-time position in 2017. Pete is responsible for maintaining the facility and works directly with individuals from community reintegration programs. He is a quality supervisor and an exceptional leader who prides himself on a job well done.


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