Boulder Food Rescue

For every $1 donated we redistribute over $8 worth of fruits and vegetables to low-income people in our community, by bicycle. In just 8 years we have redistributed over 3 million pounds of healthy produce to low-income people and have engaged them in participatory and community-based solutions.

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Diana Alvarado, Participant Coordinator
Start Date: 2017

Diana Alvarado is passionate about working and engaging with people from different backgrounds. She came from a Colombian family that was always aware of food waste and how its waste impacts others around. She also grew up very aware and concerned about the limitations of food around the world. She has lived in many different Countries where food took on distinct values. Overall, she has learned to value food justice-waste, consumption, composting, etc.-as part of her life. Besides working, Diana enjoys hanging out with her four-legged dogs in the mountains! She loves to hike and enjoys being in nature. She is a psychologist with an MA in HR and has worked for many years with Latinx community.

Janeé h Harris, Food Donor Coordinator
Start Date: 2017

Janeé is a Colorado native and was introduced to Boulder Food Rescue while living in a co-op when she moved to Boulder in 2015. She loves nature and engages in a plant-based/vegan diet as a way to connect with the earth and our oneness with all beings. After working in food service for 7+ years, she felt the call to a higher purpose and has redirected her focus to balancing food inequality and its intersectionality with greed, oppression, and systemic injustice.

Becks Boone, Robot Developer
Start Date: 2017

Becks Boone is a software engineer with a focus on civic technology. Influenced by their experiences growing up in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, the idea that everyone should have access to information and decisions is central to their being. Becks spent two years working for Code for America in the cities of Denver & Boulder. They currently work as a technologist for hire and go bike camping as much as possible.

Lou Creech, Communications and Development Coordinator
Start Date: 2018

Lou Creech dove into the world of food justice and access after witnessing the amount of food wasted in the film industry. They left the south and came to Colorado to work at a national food access non-profit, Share our Strength, in 2016 to further explore food systems and education. They would love to merge these their two passions of filmmaking and food equity in the future. They believe that food is a core tool for environmental and social change and are excited to learn more about these systems.

Ricchi Machado, Courier Coordinator
Start Date: 2019

My name's Ricchi, and from a young age, I saw that things were not quite right in the world. I'm a 28 year old activist who's committed to food justice, because every person deserves the basic necessities of survival. Everyone has needs. To me, people's needs are more important than any economy. I believe people can build the tools, and find the creative solutions required to have a functioning society. There's already more than enough for everyone to eat more than they need. There's no reason for many millions of people to struggle to be able to eat their next meal. I know the feeling of going to school, and going to work hungry because I can't afford food. And no one should ever feel that way. With cooperation, respect, and ingenuity, the world can be a safer place for everyone. And I believe together we can make it that way. Shall we, then?

Lindsey Loberg, Program Director
Start Date: 2015

Lindsey Loberg first became involved with food justice work as a high school teacher in Milwaukee, WI, facilitating student projects that explored food systems, food access, food waste, and food sovereignty. Food touches everything and everybody, and Lindsey loves using food as a tool to connect with and learn from people. Lindsey has been involved with Boulder Food Rescue since the fall of 2014, originally as a volunteer excited to bike food around Boulder.

Elizabeth Murphey, Logistics Director
Start Date: 2018

Elizabeth is originally from Portland, Oregon. She moved out to Colorado 6 years ago to attend the University of Denver, where she studied Social Work. Since moving to Colorado she has been supporting community-led organizing, as a intern and then a community organizer. The past 4 years she worked as a community organizer at social and racial justice organizations, supporting members in taking leadership on campaign and organizational priorities. She is interested in BFR's work because of the community involvement and ownership of BFR's food distribution work, and is excited to join the BFR team in continuing to work along side communities directly impacted by food justice, social justice and systemic oppression through addressing food insecurity and food waste. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Moose and Murphy. Her and her partner love to take the dogs on lots of hikes and Colorado adventures. She also loves to garden, and generally spend time outdoors, as well as travel and explore beautiful places in Colorado and beyond.

Elizabeth Gibb, Grant Manager
Start Date: 2017

Elizabeth Gibb a native Boulderite, recently returned back home. Her career as a Chef and her love of farming has sparked her interest in food sustainability and the systems surrounding it. She has been actively involved with Slow Foods and Chef's Collaborative, both with goals to change the way we eat and changing the lives of the communities around us. Feeling the need to take this passion up a notch, she sought out Boulder Food Rescue, which falls in line with her ethics and love of food.

Hayden Dansky, Executive Director
Start Date: 2012

Hayden Dansky is a cofounder and the executive director of Boulder Food Rescue. After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with degrees in Philosophy and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, they went on to create Boulder Food Rescue as a project to address both environmental and social justice issues in her community. Hayden sees food as a catalyst for change. When they are not working on Boulder Food Rescue, they spend their time working on other social justice projects such as fundraising for economic and racial justice organizations and creating spaces for the LGBTQIA community in Boulder.


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