Wray Rehabilitation & Activities Center

Join us by investing in better health, wellness and fitness for the region. With your generous support, the WRAC can continue to offer a wide range of fitness classes and equipment, programming for youth and seniors, maintain a well-appointed facility, and offer support to community groups.

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Dana Hoff, Executive Director
Start Date: 2017

Ms. Hoff is an extremely dedicated and team-oriented individual whose experience at the Wray Rehabilitation & Activities Center (WRAC) spans over eighteen years. Her accomplishments reflect strong leadership skills while demonstrating a commitment to organizational growth through excellent customer service. As a dedicated and active member of the community she works alongside employees, directors, and the community in a positive and inspiring fashion.
Ms. Hoff exhibits a solid, long-standing career history working with a non-profit starting out as part-time staff and steadily working her way up to the top as Executive Director. Along the way she has held many positions including: Interim Director, Director of Finance and Administration, Program/Senior Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Warm Water Arthritis Leader, Senior Balance Instructor, American Senior Fitness Instructor, Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Instructor, and Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor. Further, her foresight and creativity were instrumental in the development of the Center's award-winning PHIT (Physical Health Initial Tasks) program.
Dana brings to the WRAC a deep, unwavering commitment and strength that are rooted in her values; a source of character established in her faith, her family and her community.

Sherry Parrish, Operations Director
Start Date: 2014

Ms. Parrish has a long-established, successful work record at the WRAC. For twenty-five years, she has worked her way up from part-time staff to Operations Director. Along the way she has held various positions including: Assistant Director, Interim Director, Maintenance, Cleaning Supervisor, and High Priority Cleaner. She is also a valuable team member of the cadre of instructors and holds certifications in Arthritis Foundation Aquatics along with Tai Chi levels I and II.
Ms. Parrish is a master as keeping the facility running efficiently and effectively. Her ability to analyze a problem and employ a solution is without flaw. During weekdays, she is the smiling face at the front desk with a pleasant greeting and the person who can answer all questions regarding the WRAC.
Sherry's wheelhouse encompasses all things that keep the facility in optimal operation from maintaining supply stores, to ensuring memberships are current, to overseeing, scheduling, and training staff. She is truly a tireless proponent of the WRAC mission and vision.

Jocelyn Doddridge, Programs Director / Grant Writer
Start Date: 2014

Mrs. Doddridge has been with the WRAC for almost ten years, starting out as part-time staff, moving into evening/weekend Supervisor, Youth Director and finally as Programs Director. Additionally, Ms. Doddridge holds a certificate in both Health & Wellness Coach and Arthritis Foundation Aquatics/Land Instruction.
As a recipient of both a degree in Human Development and Culinary Arts Mrs. Doddridge is able to put her unique educational experience to work while developing innovative programming and meeting with Health & Wellness clients. Her creativity and enthusiasm abounds as she coordinates and oversees all classes and programs; from youth to seniors. She is especially adept at leading the PHIT programming, keeping youth of all ages engaged.
Jocelyn dedicates her days to advancing a wide variety of high quality, relevant programming which promote health, wellness and fitness. When not sparking new ideas for classes, Jocelyn can be found planning the next thrilling adventure for her family and friends.
Most recently, Jocelyn has taken on the role of Grant Writer. She is committed to learning everything she can about how to successfully write and obtain grants for the WRAC.

Joseph Prentice, Maintenance Director
Start Date: 2015

Mr. Prentice has been Maintenance Director of the WRAC for the past three years. He comes to us with a broad working knowledge and remarkable skill set. All areas of maintenance are overseen by him including heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC), boilers, cooling towers as well as general maintenance. He maintains the facility hot tub and therapy pool and as such is a Colorado certified pool operator.
Mr Prentice is an expert in plumbing, electrical, mechanical and landscaping maintenance. Outside of these areas of expertise he is blithely capable of 'working out' a solution to many a problem often with the benefit of little expense.
Being a "home-grown boy", Beanie has tremendous working partnerships that is unmatched with many local businesses and individuals. His special enthusiasm, love of local sports, drive and unfailing work ethic enhance our administrative team and make him a vital, and much appreciated part of the organization.

Hannah Romero, Shift Supervisor
Start Date: 2017

Ms. Romero has been with the WRAC for over two years and was recently promoted to Evening/Weekend Supervisor. With over ten years of customer service experience she is highly skilled at guiding patrons through all types of transactions with confidence. Her duties at the Center are varied and wide ranging, from assisting the Executive Director and Operations Director to training new employees, from childcare to volunteering with the Center's youth programs. Of course her main duty is being the friendly face that most come to know in the evenings as she manages the Center's front desk.
Ms. Romero possesses a vibrant streak of creativity and uses this talent throughout the facility to promote activities, events, and to create a culture of affirmative support for the staff. Her positivity is a shining point to which others are drawn.
Hannah, ever smiling, loyal and ready with a helping hand is an important part of administrative team and another reason for the success of the WRAC.


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