Sox Place, Inc.

Sox Place is a homeless youth drop-in center that strives to bring the Father's heart to the fatherless through intentional, loving relationships.

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Jordan Robinson, Director of Operations and Development
Start Date: 2001

Sox Place started for Jordan well before the doors were opened in 2002. His father (Doyle) moved the family to Denver in 1999 to start working with kids on the streets. Jordan was a junior in high school at the time and did not understand his father's plans or calling at the time. Jordan's father continued to work on the streets, and Jordan can remember riding along with him one night so he could take some items to the street kids. On the way home, he told his father, "Wow, it's amazing. But I could never do what you do." God had a different plan.

After he graduated, Jordan moved to Arkansas to be close to other family. In 2002, his father spoke at a church Jordan was attending about what he was doing in Denver with the kids. During his talk, he briefly touched on his dream to have a building where kids could go, be safe, and get help for whatever they needed. This immediately struck Jordan. He moved back to Denver and opened Sox Place with his father in May 2002. They worked along side of each other through high times and low times for about four years until he felt it was time to step away.

Jordan worked several jobs before returning to Sox Place as the Director of Operations and Development. He is very excited about the changes and progression that is being taken to make Sox Place a better place for the kids. Sox Place is expanding in new ways to help the kids grow and evolve into people that are equipped to meet their goals and become the people that they strive to be.

Doyle Robinson, Executive Director
Start Date: 2002

Doyle Robinson, co-founder and Executive Director of Sox Place, was born in Texas and grew up in Arkansas. Doyle has used his history and past experiences to become and expert in reaching youth and young adults. Doyle has been working with youth for 40 years in various surroundings and from all walks of life. His passion is to reach those who are lost, those who are not wanted, those who have been cast aside, and love those who are unloved.

Doyle moved his family to Denver from Springfield, Missouri after 8-12 years there. He spent 3-12 years doing outreach on the 16th Street Mall before opening Sox Place in May, 2002, along with his then 19-year-old son, Jordan. He earned his street name, "Sox," by walking up and down the 16th Street mall handing out socks to the homeless youth known as "street kids" who hung out on the Mall.

Doyle did outreach in the downtown area where the street youth either squatted (where they would live along the Platte River or abandoned buildings or in the alleys) or where they would couch serve (staying for awhile with someone who had a place to live). Helping them with prescriptions, buying groceries, or providing assistance with housing andor utilities, he jumped into their world to be able to really help them.

Doyle believes in making a difference where you are, to those God brings into your path. He feels that to do nothing for those around him, with all that God has given him, is to fail miserably in life. Doyle would like people to say at his funeral: "Doyle added value to people around him."


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