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Red Ribbon Project

Funds from Colorado Gives Day will support Red Ribbon Project (RRP) in maintaining our current services and eventually expanding the breadth and depth of our programs to meet demands for the program requests. A challenge we face each fiscal year is that although our budget is growing, it is not able to keep up with community utilization and need for our programs. RRP strives to reach out to at risk youth. Funds from Colorado Gives Day will allow us to continue to deliver programs and help restore balance to the budget to allow full delivery of programs to all students. RRP's small staff and limited financial resources incentivize organizational innovation and creativity. We work with highly skilled contract health educators, and engage community partners as in-kind educators. We use our resources with fiscal integrity, maximizing whenever possible in-kind contributions. We show consistent commitment to best practices and evidence based programming. RRP is building strategies that will diversify and stabilize funding streams. Based on our financial position each year, the scheduling of education programs can be adjusted as necessary. RRP appreciates the generosity of our donor base and the incredible community support over the years.

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