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Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy

Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy, formerly A Kid's Place, is an important advocate for children and families. We are the only Child Advocacy Center and CASA Program serving abused and neglected children in Weld County, offering hope and resources for our county's most vulnerable victims. Please help us reach our goal of $15,000 to continue to provide our comprehensive programs. The need continues to grow and your donation will help us "Turn the page for a better tomorrow" for our kids. At our Child Advocacy Centers in Greeley and Ft. Lupton, when a child or teen makes an outcry of abuse, they are brought to our safe, child-focused centers where they can tell their story of abuse in the greatest detail and not be re-traumatized in the process. Investigators can gain the evidence they need to take perpetrators off the streets and non-offending family members are given the resources to move forward. Our trained CASA volunteers play an essential role in both the child welfare and legal systems, by providing an important sense of stability to the children they are representing. Our CASAs commit to staying on that case until the child is placed in a safe, permanent home. While others may come and go, CASA volunteers provide that one constant that children need in order to thrive. No one wants to think about or talk about what we at Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy face every day. Our trained professionals work hard to protect children every day. The children of our community depend on all of us. When you make a donation to Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy, you can reduce your taxes by 50% through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit. We can provide you with the Form DR 1317, certifying the child care contribution. For more information, consult your tax advisor or call our office.

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