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The Gathering Place, A Refuge for Rebuilding Lives

The Gathering Place (TGP) is Denver's only daytime drop-in center for women, their children, and transgender individuals who are experiencing poverty, many of whom are also experiencing homelessness. Our services and programs meet basic needs, foster personal growth, and build community. With a wide array of services and programs, The Gathering Place is many things to many people. To the mother interested in earning a high school equivalency degree, TGP is a place to study while her kids play safely in the Family Program. To the artist who needs to earn some cash, TGP is Art Restart, the retail arm of our Arts Program. To the woman who is hungry, TGP is a trusted source for nutritious meals. To the woman dealing with health issues, TGP is where she can access health care. To the woman who is underemployed, TGP is a place to get help revamping her resume and searching online for job opportunities. To the newly homeless woman, TGP is a safe refuge where she can begin to rebuild. Last year, we served nearly 8,000 individuals who visited more than 61,000 times - we provided 65,544 meals, 62,963 pounds of food from our pantries, 824 health screenings, classes for 112 adult learners, housing assistance for 35 chronically homeless women, and computer access for 1,165 members. With your generous support, The Gathering Place is able to provide a community support system that is often lacking in the lives of those who come to us for help and crucial for those who seek to transform their circumstances. Please join the TGP community, which is dedicated to providing opportunities for women, children, and transgendered individuals who are experiencing poverty in Denver. Please make a donation today. Notes about potential tax credits: • Donate $250 or more to The Gathering Place and receive the Enterprise Zone 25% Colorado State Tax Credit. • Donate $1,000 or more to The Gathering Place's Family Program and receive up to a 50% Child Care Contribution Tax Credit.

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